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    False, unless there's been something in the news recently that I missed... I believe there's extraterrestrial life but I hesitate to think they're anything more than simple creatures.

    It is raining where the NP lives.
    But what if the other humans are also our alter-anti counterparts? Think about it! You're Tangeh here but in the other planet, your counterpart is named Spiseh. Same with Clawitzer being my anti counterpart.

    The universe is a great thing!
    Haha, I really thought it was Whimsicott, but the two Pokemon are pretty similar, abilities and design. :)
    ello i guessed the riddle again, sorry for taking a long time! I am pretty sure I got it right since whimsicott was a close guess.
    Also I got ninja'd so I'm gonna answer extra. xD I take too long to write pft.
    Or maybe I'm the slowest ninja ever! lol. xD
    I figured that would be the case. They must get bombarded by trainers all the time so they must be prepared. The gym leaders must be rich since they have to pay trainers who beat them.
    Oh! I completely overlooked that part. I guess I better pay closer attention. I'll have Rodrigo battle at the Pewter City gym and figure out what to do once Cerulean comes up. The earlier gyms probably wouldn't take that long to battle in anyway.
    How would contest work in the RP in terms of qualifying for the Grand Festival? Based on my knowledge from the anime, coordinators were required to have four ribbons to qualify. If there are only four contest halls and you need four ribbons, how would players effectively compete to enter into the Grand Festival? I'm fine with having my character lose every contest he enters while allowing Alyssa to win all of hers, but I think it would be unrealistic to have my character not win at least one contest.

    It would probably make more sense to reduce the number of ribbons required to qualify to three and possibly adding a fifth hall unless the contest halls host multiple contests each day. This would give the serious competitors a chance to win two ribbons each and compete for a third in an all-or-nothing battle to qualify for the Grand Festival.

    Depending on your policies for traveling, if my character gets a Pokemon large enough to fly on or possibly a teleporting psychic Pokemon, he could travel back to gyms to battle the leaders, or he'll just be a really busy guy driven by his will to compete.

    Sorry if this is complicating things, I just want to work out the logistics before anything is done in the RP. I'm sure you already thought about some of this, and I'm just worried about nothing. @_@
    I tried to send this via PM, but your inbox is too full, apparently.

    I was thinking of a plot line for my character to follow, and I wanted to check with you about a few things. Rodrigo's goal is to become a Coordinator, he enjoys it, but he is mostly doing it to rebel against his parents for being forced to learn battling, which he also enjoys. He more than likely would be a regular trainer if he didn't have the pressure on him to be. I wanted to have him come to the conclusion of wanting to do gym battles and contest while in Pewter City after having a conversation with his brother who is balancing doing contests and gym battles.

    I wanted to have this development in Pewter City because it would prevent me from having to backtrack to other cities once we move past them. I intend on allowing Alyssa to be the better Coordinator in the RP, with Rodrigo making most of his points in the battle rounds and not doing as well in the appeal rounds. In the end, he won't qualify for entering the Grand Festival (or whatever the Kanto equivalent would be) forcing him to exclusively focus on battling. My question for you is the following: Would my character be allowed to do both gym battles and contests? An example of what this would look like is Nando from the Pokémon anime set in Sinnoh.
    Besides, if I wanna make Zack re-appear frequently in Pokemon RP's, I better get his name right. lol.
    That is me, being too stubborn to admit you guys were right all along

    for the teen titian's rp, can I have my characters come and introduce themselves to Resonance? I am hoping to get back into the flow of things so...?
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