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    Apologies for the tildes in my last question, it was just too short to submit so.. xD
    No worries you can actually pass the the 10 char limit like this:

    If you want to type a post under 10 characters you can add spaces next to words like "No" and add a period after a few space bar clicks.

    Final product is:

    No .
    That'll be $10 plz.
    *cheers for the high-five*

    If I could recommend some TV shows: Family Guy, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory and DEFINITELY Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    And the Marvel movies, they're amazing :3
    Everyone loves having fun *cheers and goes for a high-five*

    Great! You haven't heard of Megamind? That's the second time someone has asked that... it's an animated movie. Pretty funny.
    Yeah, it seems you love your games :p

    I'm pretty good thanks! Just watching Megamind while talking to all the cool people here! Quick question: Wanna be friends? I heard people prefer it when you ask stuff quickly, as it exerts confidence ;)
    A bunch...here are some of them:
    20- Raticate
    23- Ekans
    27- Sandshrew
    33- Nidorino
    40- Wigglytuff
    42- Golbat
    47- Parasect
    48- Venonat
    53- Persian
    55- Golduck
    56- Mankey
    57- Primeape
    72- Tentacool
    73- Tentacruel
    78- Rapidash
    85- Dodrio
    86- Seel
    ***The numbers are just the pokemon dex number
    If it's ok with you, could I instant tradeback some pokemon with you?
    I'm trying to complete my dex for X...please let me know!! :) :)
    Ikr? I hope you do write that AU, and I hope that's seriously what happens in it. 8D (But I'd read a non-trainer AU either way, natch.)
    I'm also tired of seeing fics with kids who literally don't consider any career options besides going out into the wild and catching a bunch of pokemon. It's fun in the games, but it sadly gets stale in the fanfiction realm.
    Preeeetty much this. Sure, it's totally because of wish fulfillment or what-have-you, but quite a few of them don't really bring anything new to the table, sadly enough.

    Besides. It's not a particularly practical job, and it feels like there's a lot of "BUT IT'S POKEMON SO IT'S AWESOME" logic that goes on when it comes to making decisions about characters in this franchise. (I know. That's vague. Pretty big umbrella, though. Ask Brutaka about my opinion concerning PMD fics.) But for reals, training is basically glorified camping with a side of occasional cockfighting. Awesome idea at first, but unless you're a survivalist, how much fun would it be after three months of foraging for food, sleeping on hard ground, going without wifi, and let's not even mention toilet options? It'd be awesome to see more kids who go through that thought process, do a massive NOPE, and then three-point turn right out of the professor's lab.

    Or even better, start off training; realize, "oh my god I'm absolute **** at this"; and go home to get a degree in accounting.
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