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  • Just thought I'd let you know that I finished my National Dex last night and got my Shiny Charm! I'm so excited! :D Thanks again for all of your help, I appreciate it more than I can tell you!
    Aw, well I'm honoured! It's really no problem, I have zero interest in keeping a live dex so I'm glad they went to a good home instead of WT.
    That works, haha! I seriously love you so much. I'm THISCLOSE to finishing my National Dex now! I'm totally putting your name in my signature as thanks, if you don't mind. xD I do that with people who help me out a ton.
    I have a rampardos you can take and breed I guess? I'd do it myself but fossils take forever to hatch and I don't need it for anything lol and also a camerupt with a lame nickname
    LOL, it's cool! It'd be cool to eventually have every color, so it's appreciated either way! xD
    BUT HEY, do you happen to have a Cranidos and Camerupt...? /loser I thought for sure I had both of those, and it turns out I don't. |:
    Oh, it's okay!! I found a Shiny Stone on my X version and evolved one myself! :)
    ohshoot I have a florges! Get back on I'll send it over! I must've forgotten it. xD
    Thanks so much! I'm only 9 away from having my National Dex completed, and I'm only missing a Shiny stone to get Florges to complete my Kalos Dex! The anticipation is KILLING me, haha! Thanks so much! :)
    I'm careless with my pokerus so it's always nice to have more! lol

    I'm totally grateful that you found him! Lucky find, that's for sure. I've already updated my sig to brag about my national dex accomplishment. >:3 Hopefully you'll get yours 100% complete soon too! Best of luck!
    Also! That Ninjask that I sent over has Pokérus. You can preserve it if you put it in the PC or in PokéBank, if you have it! And I completely forgot I had a Deoxys, I found him when going through my boxes. :D
    Your inbox is full. :) You keep the shinies, they're yours! That's in thanks for helping me out so much with my Dex. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!
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