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  • I haven't had the chance to check out that link you sent me; I think I've watched around 8 anime shows total. Pokemon, DB/Z/GT, Yu-gi-oh/GX, Sailor Moon, Hamtaro, Naruto, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Sonic X, and One Piece. Oh wow, that makes 10 XD
    Yeah, I understand. I'm dealing with that myself, and I'm now doing a report for the Cival War that should have been done a long time ago. The end of high school...you mean for the fall term, , or until the end of the school year, or what?
    I agree. It wasn't completely Gargomon, although he was the feather that tipped the scale.
    If it weren't for Gargomon, the discussion that ended the thread (Waa! Backwards smiles are badzors!), wouldn't have happened. Therefore, he is the root of the problem. In any case you're biased towards him anyway.
    I just checked the Youtube video again, and he commented on mine. He said that it was an orchestration of the tracks, comprised in an album that was distributed as a bonus for pre-ordering or suscribing to Nintendo Power. I feel like an idiot now, I should have been paying attention.
    Yeah, I left a comment on the Dr. Mario stage about a half an hour ago, and all I can do is click on his hyperlink. Did he make these songs by nimself, or was there another spot that he downloaded from?

    EDIT: Yeah I noticed that post a while back, before I started posting here.
    I deleted one of my posts b/c I remember revealing more personal info on another profile. That's too much for me to ignore.
    Maybe not, but it may be agood idea to keep the names in a PM anyway. You never know if there are any hackers or whatnot on these sites. I felt cautious enough to reveal my two names.
    I was terrible too when I started. Just practice using dodges and shields. They're vital in any tournament.
    I hardly use shields either, I'm the cliche "Dodge then D-Smash!" type myself. And so are my friends that I play with; its downright hilarious to see each other maneuvering every which way every second. I use shields when absolutely necessary.
    The Wii belongs to my entire family, and my dad is so Techno-phobic that he doesn't want to buy anything online for the games, even though he does it for everything else... So I'll just have to buy one myself, a new copy of SSBB, and Wi-fi and Wii Points and I'm set.
    Well, Christmas is just a couple of months away, surely you can wait until then? That's how long it will be taking me to get my own Wii and Wifi, and as soon as that happens I'll finally be able to Brawl with everyone.
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