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  • That's alright. I'm just a obsessor for MK64, as soon as I get a Wii and a Points Card, that game is the first on my list to download. Then it's off to SMRPG.
    It's usually around April, but it depends on the school. I actually didn't go to my senior prom; at a school of 300 students and 80 seniors, it can get kind of boring. Yeah, they are too overly hyped up, but the U.S has way of exaggerating every little thing.

    And shame on you for not liking MK64. Younger folk just can't appreciate quality music and fantastic graphics...:p
    Here, we typically have two terms, a fall and a spring term. We get 2 sets of 4 days off in the fall, one in September, one in November, and in the Spring, we have Spring Break.
    We also have Christmas Break at the end of the year, but Spring term kicks up usually around January 2.
    Looking at your age, I assumed you were in secondary school, but here in the "good 'ol" U.S we don't get Halloween off -_-

    And DONT LEAVE THE FORUMS! Are you clicking the "View Conversation" link at the bottom right hand corner of the posts? That's what I'm doing, and none of my posts show up on my profile...
    Lucky b*****d...is it b/c of Halloween?

    Good idea cruising the threads, but make sure you go over the details of what you're posting before you post, or else you're flame-bait.
    6:30 in the morning. I've went to sleep at 6 in the evening b/c i felt sick, woke up at midnight, and couldn't get back to sleep. I am just bored as hell right now...but, hey, it's a Friday here, and I only have 3 classes today, so I'm happy.
    I'm only beating you by one post...but yeah, I've been going through here at a thread a second, to see if I can post anything.:D I live in America, in college. You?
    No, I don't have any idea who Gargomon is. And I guess I shouldn't concern myself with activities before my time here. You've been here for two years, I've been here for two months...yeah, I won't dive into this any further. But I guess you'll have to wait and see if they'll give you your sig back. Keep faith, I guess.
    This is true.

    BCVM as all of wikipedia? That's quite the ego he's got to hold. And why is woot a spider?
    Pfft, sanity? I got rid of that ages ago. Looks like we're just a perfect match in terms of sanity then?

    And I must say, the elderly victorian is a new reaction to how I type words and such. Funny still, but totally new.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Did you expect me to be something totally off-base like some scrawny nerdy kid? xD
    Hey Tangelax, I haven't talked to you in a long time, so I figured I'd just stop by and say Hi!
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