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  • Thanks! Really appreciate it!

    Btw, the Sea / New Mauville sidequest is now part of the main storyline if I recall correctly? If yes, then when do we get to do it? Also, is it necessary to do it in order to clear the game (challenge the E4 or enter Victory Road for the first time?)
    Btw I noticed that our birthdays are really close to each other (you-11/24, me-11/25 lol) Funny coincidence, isn't it?

    Changing matters, the Sea Mauville's story sure got my interest. So much that I actually downloaded both Lore and AZOTH files from pastebin for future study and research!

    On another matter, do you happen to have a Diancie? Looking for one these days since I can't access the store in my city (too far away from my house) to go get a code.
    Well, by the way, I heard you all get to play the games. Unlucky me, have to wait another week... but at least I pre-ordered them, so no problem.

    And hey, remember when said about writing a Smash Bros saga for my comic series? Well, here are the fighters that will get to participate in the Smash League:
    - Kostas, Kirby, Link, Zelda(the SS one with HW clothing), King Dedede, C. Falcon, Fox, Falco, Ness, Snake, Little Mac, Rosalina, Lucina, the Hoenn Trio (Swampert, Blaziken, Sceptile; count as one fighter), Wario, and Delta Woman.

    Unfortunately, Luigi's death stare, psycho Villager and Jigglypuff didn't make the cut (for the League), but were heavily considered for inclusion, please understand. (laughs)
    Wow. I am legitimately shocked. I didn't think that they would bother to reference it at all, but to go this far? Well, either way, I love it!
    On the other hand, I wish they remove those pesky enemies ASAP... They 're too creepy for me, yet everything else in the game isn't. (More like fun!)

    Do we know if there's a second new Pokémon stage in the Smash Wii U version? Or is it just the Kalos PKMN League the only new one?
    Hey there! How you're doing?

    Regarding Majora's Mask 3D, fishing was announced to be added to the remake. Aonuma said there will be two fishing holes, one in the Swamp and one in Great Bay, but I wonder where exactly on the map there will be? I can see the Swamp one being one of the attractions of the Tourist Center, and the Great Bay one run by the fisherman there (perhaps they change his hut to include it?) Where do you think they will put them on the map?

    Also, regarding fishing again... it would add to the creepy factor if we can fish Skullfish or Desbrekos there at night. Or accidentally during the day. Right?
    Oh, never mind, saw the details.

    ....Is that all?! Damn you GF, why couldn't you think it earlier? I guess I will skip the Delta episode like thingy for my comic...
    And the laughs began! (the Hoenn sequels-then-remakes joke as well the Jirachi playing Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire on an GBA SP one lol. Most hilarious jokes I ever thought.)

    By the way, were any Corocoro leaks?
    Me too, buddy, me too! Time to get revenge against those Skullfish who are the sole reason I abandoned playing the original... assuming they made them look less creepier of course. (laughs)

    Regarding amiibo usage in Hyrule Warriors, what weapon do you think Zelda will get? I can't think of anything looking back to all weapons in the Zelda series. Any guesses?

    Regarding my comic series, I already began work on the next saga which will be a grand Smash Bros. arc, with bits and pieces from all Hoenn games, as well anime and even the manga, and taking place at an island of Hoenn (I challenge you to guess which one! Hint: it was an feature originating in Emerald).
    Hey there!

    Big news. My comic is officially done and done now! It's over! Finished! ...When it comes to Season XY at least. But 20 arcs was quite a lot of work, so I'm very happy with how it turned out. You? How are you doing? Will you be getting the Majora Mask remake?
    Majora's Mask 3D is confirmed... This is it... the real deal. I'm truly happy to see it happening.

    On a side note, stay tuned for Nov. 10 on PI forums! A small delay thanks to tonight's ND.
    I need 11 fighters from all Smash games to participate in a tournament, that's all. Just no Zero Suit Samus, Samus, Greninja, due to story reasons. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Edit: A bit of clarification: if you plan to suggest me fighters, send me a list via PM. It's a secret to everybody.
    Hey, how are you? Did you unlock the secret missions in the OR/AS demo yet? Still trying over here...

    Also, what fighters, besides ZSSamus, Samus and Greninja, do you suggest me to use for the Smash arc of my comic? Damn, I almost finished Season XY (only 10 pages remained!) and still I'm at a loss to whom I should use for the tournament. A little help would be appreciated.
    Have you listened to the Reshiram / Zekrom theme of Smash 3DS lately, with the update installed? I don't know, but it seems they lowered the guitars' volume.

    Also stay tuned to PI on November 6!
    So Mewtwo is confirmed for Smash 4 as a DLC... what do you think of this? Will you get him?

    I also hope we get a Unova Pokémon stage for the Wii U version. The return of PS 2 isn't a good omen.
    News from data dump:

    Jade Orb confirmed for OR/AS (still a Key Item though), Red and Blue Orbs are held items and we all know why...
    Also, we get a Magma/Aqua plot after the main storyline is over, probably focusing on Rayquaza.
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