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  • Hey, how are you? I've decided to come back... in a sense.

    By the way, why did you change your avatar? You felt unique to me with your Zekrom one (and it matched your name). Oh well.
    UPDATE: BlackWhite Direct to be released at the end of July/beginning of August.

    More information on its contents will be announced in the coming days. Stay tuned!
    If you checked my updates on my fic, you may have seen a list of confirmed characters to appear in my fic in a mini saga promoting Smash Bros. 4.

    With today's reveals, the list was updated. Take a look below (characters with a ? near their name are under consideration)

    - Kostas
    - Link
    - Zelda
    - Kirby
    - King Dedede
    - Donkey Kong
    - Rosalina
    - Wario
    - Little Mac
    - Captain Falcon
    - Fox
    - Lucina
    - Greninja?
    - Pikachu?
    - Mega Trio (Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert)
    - Ness?
    - ???????
    So it seems Chrom isn't in as a playable character... Oh well, never cared much for him anyway. And what is this with Lucina being Marth's clone? I think she will handle different than Marth.
    CHARACTER REVEAL! -Lucina, Robin and ...Chrom (nobody's sure about that), along with C. Falcon CONFIRMED FOR SMASH BROS 4!
    Given how Mega Metagross was confirmed under Steven's ownership, you can expect them (yes, you read right) to appear in BlackWhite: Season XY.

    Hopefully GF announces Mega Salamence and Mega Flygon soon.
    Oh, I agree with you about the post-game. I definitely include it, and I do think that it adds more than it takes away. And I hate leaving things incomplete, to the point that I still try to rationalize the main points of BW's post-game being canonical despite the existence of B2W2 (though it's really not that hard; you just assume that Hildabert never caught the Swords or Kyurem - the only difficulties are fitting in the Shadow Triad encounter on Marvelous Bridge, but I think I've got that solved well enough, and the question of whether or not Hildabert ever became the Champion). I just mean that it is harder to say "Yes, this post-game thing definitely did happen" than it is to say that main storyline elements actually happened.

    Although maybe GF just isn't very good at doing retcons. :p

    One idea that I tossed around in my head was the possibility that XY signify a new timeline entirely, which would, as of November, consist of just XY and ORAS. In fact, if they are going to continue remaking older games, then maybe that should just become the standard practice. Once one timeline or "era" becomes full or reaches an appropriate conclusion, we just reboot everything again and just have a variety of different timelines. That way, they can all have their own internalized continuities and be largely free of contradictions since they won't have to account for past games. For instance, the RGBGSC timeline, the FRLGE>HGSSP>BW>B2W2 timeline, and now the XYORAS timeline. And if an event from a previous timeline is referred to, we just assume that it also happened in the current one, but in a potentially different context that suits the current narrative.
    And I could buy that Sycamore simply hasn't learned yet, but if Brendan/May are going to make such strides in the field several years before he even becomes a well-known scientist, well, that would be a bit like having a reputed physics professor not knowing about subatomic particles. As you say, the professors keep in contact with one another, and Sycamore himself studied under Rowan. If he couldn't have somehow come across B/M's findings in all of those years, with all of his contacts and resources, then he would be such an epic failure as a professor that I would have to assume that he had conned his way into the job. :p
    Well, I've explained the grunts elsewhere as such - for one, post-game content is only dubiously canonical. Really, the only thing that matters is the main storyline. I, personally, prefer to include the post-game in the canon, but there is nothing that would compel one to do so if they were not so inclined. But for two, assuming that the post-game of B2W2 is canonical, then it could be explained with some simple timescale shuffling. If B2W2 and XY happen around the same time, and if ORAS occurs, say, two or three months after that, then we can have Nate/Rose do whatever in Unova that is outside of Icirrus (e.g. Black Tower/White Tree, southeastern peninsula, etc.) while Brendan/May handle the main plot of ORAS, and then by the time that Teams Aqua and Magma have broken up, a little more time passes, two of the grunts get together and move, and the Nate/Rose meet them in Icirrus. It's a bit of a close shave, but it could happen. There is still the issue with Unova being behind on the types, but I just don't see that as being that big of a deal. Metatextually speaking, it's changed type match-ups forever, but for something that revolutionary, not many people in the games seem to care about it. I recall the Dark and Steel types being similarly swept under the rug. Regardless, the importance of the Fairy type within the story is still dwarfed by Mega Evolution, which has gotten an entire plot dedicated to it in two games now.

    So you are right - something is going to be contradicted. But I still believe that a timeline retcon is the cleanest way of going about this.
    Hey, how are you?

    I'm planning a mini saga that will promote Smash Bros 4, but I... I can't decide which playable characters will be in! It's going to be a tournament with 16 competitors. Some have been decided, but I need help on deciding the remaining characters.

    And no, Samus isn't going to be in, for story reasons.

    Here are the confirmed characters to participate:

    King Dedede
    Mega Trio
    - Blaziken
    - Sceptile
    - Swampert
    Little Mac
    Donkey Kong

    Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated.
    Moving this here, because we really need to take it out of the thread:

    Hypothetically yes, but his word choice was pretty similar to Cynthia's in BW, and in that case she was more directly speaking about the DPPt protagonists. So I'm more inclined to think he was referring to May and Brendan.
    Actually, upon checking, Steven's exact words are: "Have we met...before? That's not possible. All the Trainers I have battled seem to have the same look, anyway. Especially the ones who gave me tough battles..." He's using plurals in both instances, so he already isn't talking about anybody specific. The wink-wink, nudge-nudge to Brendan/May is obvious, yes, but on paper, he could be talking about anybody, and he is at least talking about more Trainers than just the RSE protagonists.

    If ORAS is canon, we have both Non-Kalos Megas and Fairy typings in those games. So no matter what, there's a contradiction, either Unova is behind with the typings, or Kalos didn't catch up with the Megas.
    The Aqua/Magma grunts in B2W2 aren't necessarily a problem. However, you make a great point about the Fairy type issue. But on the other hand, the recent classification of the Fairy type was brought up in, what, maybe four instances of dialogue in XY? And unlike Mega Evolution, it is not a major plot point. I would say that it could be ignored more easily than any Mega Evolution-related contradictions could be.
    Good day! How are you? Unown - Chapter Three is up! Check it out!

    Also, ''Dragon'' (and the Mega Evolution arc) begins next Monday!
    Another update, release date pushed to Sunday. It seems the visit of my parents as well tiredness threw me out of schedule.

    At least I'm done with the exams of my college.
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