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  • I'm afraid that's the best that can be done with space limitations, unfortunately. Otherwise, I will be forced to extend the number of pages of each arc/episode (each one consists of 20 pages), and that would throw balanced writing, as well order, out of the window (at least for me). But I will still do my best to fit everything in those 20 pages though. Besides, in the case something has to be cut from the comic version to make some space, I can post it in my fic thread, so no worries.

    Of course, Ganondolf doesn't attack our world without a reason... perhaps an earlier arc sets him up for the invasion?

    Also, forgot to mention it, but ''Dragon'' won't feature a parallel arc, which means that after the arc wraps up, we move straight on to the next main arc, ''Triforce''.

    Also, here's the verdict of arcs and parallel arcs: 20 main arcs, and 10 parallel arcs. And that only applies for the Chapter of Life, the first ''season'' of ''BlackWhite: Season XY''.
    Also, here's the summary of the next main arc, ''Dragon''. This arc is introducing, albeit unofficially, Mega Evolution in the world of BlackWhite. Enjoy!


    '' Team Death is an evil organization which conducts experiments on humans and Pokémon, as well other creatures for the greater good, as they claim.

    One night, during a regular transportation of various experiments to one of their bases at the outskirts of Silvertown, the Death grunts assigned for the job are suddenly attacked by a super-evolved Charizard! This rather lethal attack of course draws the attention of Team Death's boss, Death, as no word for such a Charizard has ever echoed before in Johto or any of the known neighboring regions and Unova...

    But when things go south and Death himself becomes the Pokémon's death target, the Hero of Truth makes an attempt to stop it, but he finds his match in the Pokémon's tremendous power and ends up seriously injured. Recovering, the Hero of Truth must now find a way to stop this Charizard before any unintentional deaths are caused by its yet-unknown-why rage against Team Death and Death himself.''
    Yeah. It's a bigger arc (which also means very few to no extra scenes), which itself translates to more original chapters and scenes. I managed to solve the space limitation of the comic version quite a bit, yet there are still things that don't end up in the comic because of that. At least, those things are very few now.

    And yes, that Ganondolf arc takes place in our world, in our Earth... a night before the new year (2014) enters! Now, that's cruel (and evil), but hey, it's Ganondolf, why would he care for such things?
    Well, they both are main arc episodes (at least in my fic), except Mega episodes are bigger in duration, they have much more stuff happening than normal episodes. A Mega Episode is similar in duration with a movie.

    Starting from episode 13 of my fic, we have to deal with Mega episodes, which means more chapters and more plot. I'm still trying to find the correct balance between the two types of episodes, it's pretty important to do that when you write episodes with such big duration. Like I said, Mega episodes allow for more things to be told and have multiple storylines in a single episode. For example, the episode I write now, ''Flare'', has three/four storylines happening in it.

    To put it simply, they are bigger episodes, that's all. And hey, the Mega Evolution plot I was talking about, will begin sometime in July starting in ''Dragon''.
    I will post a summary of the arc when we get close to the release of its first chapter. More to come!

    One last question: what do you think about the Ganondolf teaser?
    Rather good on my side, thanks. Although I'm exhausted. Arcs that I work on my fic now aren't normal episodes anymore, but mega episodes, which is tiresome sometimes. Guess there's a lot that I need to shoehorn in each arc lately but at least they're epic plots. Besides that, I'm pretty fine and well. Did you check any updates on my fic? What do you think of the announcements and my fic so far?
    Hey, how are you? Here's the preview for the final chapter of Bride. Enjoy.

    - The hooded man is revealed to be Big John?!
    - Anne is revealed to have an engagement ring.
    - A look at Kostas and Ariana's apartment.
    - Death comes face-to-face with... something.

    Bride - Chapter Five to collect pages 17-20 of the original comic, plus extra scenes and dialogue.

    Bride - Chapter Five to be released 6/18/2014.
    Hey, how are you? Read the latest chapter of my fic yet? Anyway, I submitted the club about my fics. Now I'm waiting whether it 'll be approved or disapproved.

    You want to join?
    Hey, how are you? Enjoying E3 so far? Anyway, here's the preview for Bride - Chapter Four. Enjoy.

    - Ariana, Kostas and Anne see Separ at the hospital.
    - Anne and Separ fall in love?!
    - Greninja sneaks in DeathCorp.
    - While on a date, Anne and Separ are threatened by a mugger.

    Bride - Chapter Four will collect pages 13-16 of the original comic plus extra scenes and dialogue.

    Bride - Chapter Four to be released 6/14/2014.

    Also, did you check the announcements of mine? What do you think?
    Some sort of announcement but whatever...

    Because of yesterday's CoroCoro reveals, I let you know that the episode list from my fic will be removed in order for renaming several episodes. (Arcs still going on and officialy announced or completed will remain) As a result, the episode list will be updated periodically from now on, whenever we 're close to an arc's ending. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    Good day from Greece! And also here's the preview for Bride - Chapter Three. Enjoy!

    - Greninja's mysterious destination is revealed?!
    - Ariana is revealed to be arrested?!
    - Big John starts a brawl in a bar with the guy who rejected Anne?!
    - Kostas calls his... ex-girlfriend?!

    Bride - Chapter Three collects pages 9-12 of the original comic, plus extra scenes and dialogue.

    Bride - Chapter Three to be released 6/9/2014, a day before E3 2014!
    Update 2: Having gone past the 1,000 views mark, I'm thinking of setting up a club about the series. Somewhere to post announcements, to speculate on the arcs and characters, as well as to make suggestions and questions about the BlackWhite Universe.

    I will submit the club when ''Bride'' concludes. The true question is, are you interested to join?
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