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  • I don't mean to double-up on VMs here but with Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa, Gen VI is now tied with Gen II so... progress? I hope that the three new Mythical Pokémon (particularly Volcanion; I find it to be quite fascinating) at least have interesting backstories.
    Potentially yes, as Aeons were manifestations of God having a combined form would give it a reason for happening conceptually. I guess in this one case this is where the concept was more of a detriment to me since I liked that the two were somewhat different from each other.

    Wait a minute, if they're the combined manifestations of God, would that make Mega Lati@s God? :p
    Either I rep you too much or you make too many good posts. So have some rep in spirit. :p
    Actually, that'd be really cool. Do you have anything you need in particular? (I could send you Pokerus if you need + Protean Froakie from the GTS).
    Alright, I'll add you now, and that's fine. :) I'm not even finished yet myself; I only just now got the sixth badge.
    Say, would you be interested in sharing Friend Codes for Friend Safari and general buddiness-purposes? If so, my FC is 1332-8777-7275. If not, then that's cool too. :)
    Hey :) I see you have some interest in the possible Hindu trimurti influences on the cover legends :) just letting you know this is something I agree with too :D I saw parallels when we just had X and Y and now our Z legend has been uncovered I think it has even more weight, just in a slightly different way :)


    Oooh, I rather like that theory. Although I'm not all too familiar with Hindu mythology, I do have a general awareness of it and I think using it as the basis for the mascots would be pretty interesting.

    I remember a while back that a few people suggested parallels between Yveltal and Shiva and/or Kali, and I thought that those parallels definitely carried some water. Certainly more than the Yggdrasil theory wherein the eagle has nothing to do with destruction as far as I'm aware, but unfortunately, it seems as though the Yggdrasil theory is now too deeply-etched into the fandom's consciousness for them to let go of it - don't get me wrong, I like Norse mythology and all, it's just that I don't really see much of a connection between it and the XY mascots (although Zygarde does at least seem like Nidhogg, unlike Xerneas and Yveltal who, aside from being the same animals as their supposed Norse "counterparts," have no thematic similarities to them).
    Hi, I just wanted to make a personal apology for my shocking behavior yesterday; honestly, I respect your opinions and you generally, I didn't mean to offend anyone yesterday, well I think I did- but I wasn't thinking straight- seriously, I was freaking out yesterday. My life is really... weird atm and I probably really shouldn't just vent on forums, but over the summer it became a coping mechanism and I sort of can't let it go yet.

    Once again. I apologize Taodragon buddy.
    It will spread, it always spreads... The cult shall not be kept down!

    Hopefully not, but this is the internet, where there's something dark to add to characters, it'll always latch on with the strength of a hungry leech.
    It all kind of reminds me of how, when I was in high school, people would ask me if I was a Satanist just because I wore a black trenchcoat.

    Sometimes I said "yes" just to mess with them
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