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  • Yeah, and it's especially weird because Frillish and Jellicent did get alternative DW artworks for their genders. Maybe all female Unfezant dream of being male for some reason? :p

    Although I suppose no one is as bad off as Zen Mode Darmanitan. No DW art or Sugimori art.
    Hopefully so. I'll start trying to learn more about it, and who knows when I'll need to do it again in the future.

    I just noticed that the archives lack Unfezant female's DW art as well. So sloppy, Bulbapedia! xP

    UPDATE: Apparently, there is no DW art for female Unfezant. How peculiar...
    I've kind of been looking into it, as it happens, but I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to things like rips and programming. Though it would be a useful thing to learn, I'm certain.
    Oh, is this not Groudon's art? http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/c/c9/383Groudon_Dream.png

    If I knew how to acquire it myself, I would. :P From what I can tell, Bulbapedia is only missing the art for BW Kyurem, Douse Genesect, Chill Genesect, and a higher-quality version of Pirouette Meloetta (although one wonders why Pirouette Meloetta even has DW art considering that it can only exist in battle - I wonder if Darmanitan Zen Mode has it as well? There isn't any in the archives).

    It would indeed be a shame to lose it. I really like the artstyle.
    Hey, thank you for those links to the DW art. I wasn't expecting anyone to actually respond to that. :p

    Unfortunately, my own attempts at scouring the Internet for clear, background-less images of BW Kyurem's DW arts have ended in failure. I don't know how I managed to miss the Therian trio though, since I've been to Bulbagarden's archives before. And it is slightly irritating to someone as obsessive-compulsive as me that they only have three Genesect arts and a low-quality Meloetta-P in addition to their lack of BW Kyurem arts. xO
    Like I said before, it's the Flareon of typings. No matter how much it needs it, GF shall ignore its plight for their amusement.
    Ice is useless and will go to the world of oblivion.

    The new chart has done it perfectly!
    whoa ur studying Paleontology? (yup saw u talking about that in the Pokemon X and Y Discussion)That's awesome! I graduated last year as a science major, and I love everything science, including Paleontology :)
    You don't think Toon Link will be kicked out of SSB4 do you?
    I'm really scared if he does and some people think he already was kicked out by the looks of him in the Spirit Tracks stage. I shouldn't give up my hopes for him to return should I? Or will Toon Zelda/Tetra take his place?
    God, I already loved Froakie, and with the last image of the starters together, I loved it more! it looks like its about to throw a shuriken out of it's bubble backpack! Epic, Ninja Frog...
    did I miss something?
    Litleos and Bigleos, master of the world! I can't wait, peace and prosperity will finally befall our lands!
    The thought of us, the master race, sends shivers of anticipation and bliss down my spine. Alright brother, I will wait, and, when the the opportunity arises, we will strike, and take over what is rightfully ours to rule!
    I can see what you mean. What are we waiting for? X and Y to come out, where perhaps a potential evolutionary older brother of ours will join us in our endeavor?
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