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  • they patched Icheck :/ shame anyway thanks for letting me help I hve asked staff to lock since there won't be a need and due to an argument kicked off. need any help with anything else let me know :)
    well tarro intstacheck is not working anymore they made a new patch we just got to wait now if rnging is possible :/
    I gtg it's 1.30 am got to be up in 5 hours :/ anyway cya dont worry about the sorting sv i do that when i am back on if u have another others issues or other changes you want in the sheet let me know
    either way if i figure out my code you can add to the sheet so people can contact me to help them...
    i sure will dewey does it too and i know my guild member myrrh has instacheck so if they don't get to me first ill hit up the thread :3
    lol yeah sorry i am a horrible explainer sometimes but if it is to help hatch someone a shiny im all there :3 I may get it checked so i can match with someone to help them out...
    your confusing me now lol i heard about intstacheck is a way to help people hatch there shinies for them thus the egg will hatch in the person trainer id not your trainer id which I find sucks. I like all my shinies under my trainer id not someone elses, which is a ocd of mine. If your asking if i got my SV check to help someone out to hatch a shiny for them no i have not.
    I was saying it wouldn't let anyone hatch my shiny for me lol but I wouldn't mind helping people that don't care about the OT part...
    nice thread i see you post the instacheck help thread nice :3 I have a problem with instacheck it drives me nuts i will never have a shiny in my name lol its close to rnging but it isn't the same :/ but for people that don't care its nice for them :3
    yeah there are some people that still do that **** but not much anymore it has died down lately but yeah dewey is still here he just on and off...as well as eleventh seems doesn't rng much anymore never see him the rng thread anymore...as for hozu, and agonist there still rnging the thread up >.> espeically agonist XD his capture mons are awesome :p
    thanks yeah strangest thing is that everyone now is coming to me now to rng...I really have influenced alot of people to rng like kyle12 for example not sure if you saw my messages...he having trouble rnging a shiny piplup...serebii isn't as bad as it use to be about hating rnging but it still occurs once in awhile, it mostly depends where you go...I really thank dewey and eleventh...they were were the ones that help me out the most with learning to rng...
    oh really silent really cool with me and were friends he doesn't demand anything really i have my own post I have my own section of the shop XD
    thanks i do to much LOL i rng,own a guild,two clubs, and work at a trade shop for rnging lots of people though are posing as rngers here sadly...lot of hackers lately...
    sure thing I have alot of things my shop is one the popular ones and im closed at the moment XD

    Flower Paradise Graphics
    yeah i rng almost everything on 4th generation XD its just been a very long time since i did it XD yeah i noticed you should start up again :)
    im doing alright just that little thing i showed you was extremely stubborn with me with the time hits XD mostly doing rng breeding and trying to get back into rnging the rest of my first run through heartgold for rnging flawless shinies :p

    right now this is the only one i have XD https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=1897335

    Is been so long not sure if you know i can rng 4th generation now...thinking about moving on to emulator for 3rd generation emerald....
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