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Nov 26, 2011
Jul 13, 2011
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tarverboy101 was last seen:
Nov 26, 2011
    1. TheBluePorygon
      Click the OSL badge #5 link in my sig for d0nuts badge. Your welcome.
    2. -Sarah
      Your request has been made ! :) You can find it at Mew's Universe !
    3. bug pro
      bug pro
      A tip: remove the * from signature so the picture is shown.
    4. mycooly
    5. Leaf_Umbreon
    6. Leaf_Umbreon
      Do u mind updating my zen? 5+5 (recruitment) +3 (victory over SV)
    7. Northern Lights
      Northern Lights
      Aww thanks - and yeah that's my InClub representation
    8. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      Can you stop onelining in the club, please? If you only want to reply to someone, you can VM them, like I am doing here.

      You can use whichever one (it makes sense to use one of the coloured ones, as that is more personal to you). If you feel like using the 6 stat one, you can use that, if you feel like using the 8 stat one, you can use that. I'll be including both in my stat analysis.
    9. Northern Lights
      Northern Lights
      grovyle - Ishida
      luxray - Grimmjow
      ninetails - Gin
      lopunny - Ichigo [as a joke]
      pachiruse - ... [the little pink haired one with Kenpachi]
      ampharos - Ukitake
    10. rotrum
    11. arceus03
      Oh... wait. You were talking about your zanpakto. >.> Well, my suggestion was, as I've said before,

      If I may suggest something, I'd say give that ability to bankai, and in shikai, try to limit your power so that they don't seem too powerful. You could give your shikai an ability to turn the area that you hit with the weapons instead into quicksand/normal sand (not things). You could also control the sand, for example, and make a miniature sandstorm, etc.

      Your bankai, on the other hand, seems to be nothing much changed except different appearances and longer chain. You could include the turning-things-into-sand ability here, but also add in a limiting reactant condition: maybe your reiatsu, maybe the size of the object, etc, so as not to make it too cheap. And maybe you can include a few techniques using sand in shikai/bankai... Like trapping the opponent using sand, sand blade, whatever.
      Or maybe you could ask ILPy.
    12. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      Orange, because the base of the chart is in black, so it would be impossible to see.

      I'll do that for you... soon...
    13. arceus03
      Then how would you suggest I do my limits?
      Sorry, I misread your data. I thought the whole total was 600, hence 550/600 was too high, but in your case, it was 550/800, so that was fine. My bad. :p

      Incidentally, that was a one-liner, and it's a big no-no in the forum rules... So yeah, you should delete that post.
    14. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      Ah, okay.

      Sorry, someone has already taken blood red. I'd prefer it if no one shared the same colour.
    15. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      "Reishi" = Spirit Particles.
      "Reiatsu" = Spirit Pressure
      "Reiryoku" = Spirit Energy

      Unfortunately, people tend to confuse them together ("I have a lot of reiatsu!").

      Looks good to me :) Also, what colour would you like to have as a chart? Please be specific, and not just say something vague like "light green".

      Also, kusari is the Captain of the 13th Squad. Unfortunately, he is quite busy. He would like to welcome you into the club, and offer a seat in his squad. I'll also mention this in the club, but since we're in a convo now, I figured I could just say it.
    16. rotrum
      *Gives belated warm welcome*
    17. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      Yup. Kenpachi has a lot of reiatsu, but he has NO CLUE how to use it. Reiatsu is sort of like PP, and can also just refer to the pressure/force it creates.
    18. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      Gah, I'm sorry, I should have mentioned, stats go up in increments of 10, and there's actually meant to be an eighth stat called "Physical Strength". So you'll have to adjust your stats for that.
    19. I like Pokemon (...)
      I like Pokemon (...)
      District of Origin: (Um.. what could I put for this? I would like something of a desert)
      I don't think there has, canonically, been a district that is desertous. I would assume that it's a lower-district though. You could either pick a random number, or just say "a large desert in the Rukongai, it does not have a district number assigned to it".

      You pick a division. I suggest waiting for a while, first, as Captains like to know that their members will be constantly active (and not just die off). I suggest going to each squad's squad page (on the first post) and clicking the insignia. Some captains have rules (for example, Northern Lights, the 3rd Squad Captain, requires an animal zanpakutou spirit, I require that people be interested in maths/science, etc.). I suggest VM/PM-ing the Captain first.

      As for the stats, well, you can suggest what they can be. I can then look over them and say "too powerful" or "too weak". I suggest telling me WHY you gave each stat the number, just so I know your logic. In general, I think, non-captains have a total just below 600 (so for you, I'd give maybe 550 total).

      Hope this helps :)
    20. rotrum
      I'd recommend givng your zanpakutou the power to control sand and to erase the things in brackets.
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