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  • Read round three again, the answers in the results section. Bare in mind that my critical is a lot lower than most refs, being around 10%.
    You need to PM me your Pokemon choice for the Muumaji match, presuming you've accepted that you only have one Pokemon per side.
    Dude, in future don't make such a big deal out of it. Just edit your original post with your new orders, no-one gives a flying monkeys.
    I'm British. Look, in future edit your orders as much as you want til the reffing gets posted (or your opponent orders, if you're going first). If the ref sees em, he sees em, if not he doesn't. I could have started reffing in the time you were faffing about checking, and you'd have missed your chance.
    When ordering first, any changes made before your opponent begins ordering are legit. When ordering second, any changes made before I start writing the reffing are legit. I haven't started the reffing yet and most likely won't til tonight.
    Hey there Tassadar,

    You'll find that the HGSS moves aren't yet usable in the ASB. More often than not the LOs take their time with that sort of thing since they have to double-check it doesn't augment the power of the certain pokes....
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