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  • I see where you went wrong, but I meant into the camp. It's fine, just please edit it, as I don't want there to be confusion.
    Also, I never said that the refugee camp was in the cave. It was just outside the entrance.
    Heh, well, ninjas used the same tactics used in guerrilla warfare.
    And what's Krav Maga? I take it that it's a form of martial arts, but where's it from?
    The more you hate her, the more I know that I've succeeded. You know that the more you hate her, and the more you suffer, it only fuels her desire to kill.
    Yeah, guerrilla warfare is what you do when you know that your opponent is stronger than you. And in many cases, it's succeeded.
    Yep! Do you care about these people you don't know? Would you give your life for them? Decisions, decisions.
    And ambushing is not a coward's tactic! It's called being smart!

    Also, why am I so good at being bad?
    I'm not sure if that would turn out well for Aegis. Scizor doesn't play well with fire-types. It would be suicide to take her on.
    Yeah, but the shot was the beginning of my chaotic reign. And yes, I'm sure you know about how she ate another fox Pokemon. And then you add in her history from the SU. I take pride in my villains.
    Yeah, that ability is tied for my favorite. Simply because it has the ability to break the morale of my enemies.

    I just love how I always end up doing something that stirs things up. Last time I shot someone, and now I vomit acid-covered tapeworms into a Furret. Kudos to Frisbee for standing up to Eris though, that takes balls.
    I saw you mentoin that Eris vomited onto Frisbee, but in truth, she vomited into his mouth. Just thought I'd make that clear.
    Fine by me long as he's still alive. I'll just be grounded for a while. Good idea, even if at my expense, I like it. Maybe just somewhere he won't die from.
    Regarding your VM to Skillfulness, I'm not sure if you're aware that the fight near Olivine might be over by the time you have a clear shot.
    Noted. Feel free to describe the members of Ian's squad however you like, there are eight of them, seven guys, one girl, haven't really fleshed any of them out.

    "That would be correct. I am Ian, unless they say otherwise, the others are simply Operative. Now, it is my understanding that we will be working side by side, you working towards capturing the Quista, while we keep the Xexan from getting out of control, correct?
    Alright. As a note, all of them are armed, wearing all black combat armor.

    "I'm guessing you're the Omega soldiers? We were told to rendezvous with you here."
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