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  • Woah, hey. Sorry for the INSANELY late reply; this got lost among all the update requests.

    These are some fantastic ideas, I thank you immensely for all of them. I quite like the Prion idea, that sounds like something very original that hasn't been done yet; and you're an awesome human being for bringing this to my attention. (I had no idea what a Prion even was before you informed me.)

    So thank you! If I end up making it, I now have a direction to go in.
    Sure. The only requirement for becoming a legendary is having one of the Containers for a while, so that is fine.
    Well, it may come to you as you write. That's typically how it works out when I write stories. As long as you have a general idea of how you want it to go, the fine details can come later.
    Hey, no problem, thanks for asking for permission first, even though I'm honestly more than happy to share ideas and stuff. Hope you enjoy it and all the best with it.
    That's fine with me, sounds like a great idea. You're free to use whatever you'd like, maps, locations, characters, whatever. I don't mind at all.
    You could control him if you'd like. And I don't mind if people bunny single members of the Abyss's forces during battles and such. Such as one making a taunt at your character seconds before attacking, which you then dodge before slashing him in half.
    Yeah I thought that was cool coincidence too. If we want to make them (bisharp evil) the same like the fallen of that character then that would be cool with me : )
    Although Kassy didn't die (until the RP did...) and although she had a good chance to get killed since she's far from a fighter, I would think she would've made enough friends or smart fighters back there (thanks to her healing skills) to protect her and survive. I completely missed the Mandate one though, I didn't even know it was a sequel (or related anyways) to Crusade! Meh we'll see, I'm asking MM to give me a run-down of those 70 years so I know what Kassy could've seen and/or went through.
    Long time no see indeed! :) I haven't stopped RPing though, just always ended up being not in the same games X)

    I think you can guess I'm planning on bringing Kassy back into Season of Evil :D I felt she didn't get the ending she deserved (she was sooooo close to the climax of her character development!), so it would be fair to be in there (not to mention it would be her style to leave her human life behind to stay and take care of the Kokoro residents). She'll be an old lady/Meganium though X)
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