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  • Well, at least that's what I think and definitely hope he meant. His grammar is a bit messy, so it's tough to be entirely sure, but I sent him a VM about it anyway just to clarify.

    But yeah, killing entire cities in a sign up is definitely way off, especially in only one sentence.
    "He was tasked taking command of Liberty Station and from there, destroying the Abyssal settlement of Veragh."

    I honestly read that as "given the mission of taking command of Liberty Station and given the task of destroying the settlement of Veragh." Meaning that's his mission objective, but he hasn't done it quite yet. But yeah, I can see where you're coming from. I think I'll clarify that with him.
    The Pokemon angels would get feather-like wings. I'm not too crazy about the "tentacle wing" look that the Diablo angels have. To me, feathery wings look much more, I dunno, holy and angelic?

    Anyway, Season of Evil would take place roughly about five years after Mandate of Anarchy.
    Yeah, that's a bit of a pain. It's a great game though, been playing mostly Demon Hunter and Barbarian.
    Sounds good.

    And yeah, like I told Agent Tectonic, this whole RP is like Diablo 3 meets Pokemon. That's probably the best way to look at it and get a grasp for what I'm trying to achieve here with this. But even if you haven't played any of the Diablo games (and how could you not when they're so good!? XD), just think of it as your character with lots of special abilities taking down hordes and hordes of demons.
    You could use Kraxel, yes. So yes, you could bring back characters from either one of these two RPs, since they connect to this one.

    Broken Sun: The Mandate of Anarchy
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Salvation's Crusade

    I didn't mention this because I didn't want to make people think they had to have taken part in those two RPs.
    I see what you mean. So how big the conflict is will depend on the players. Wow that took me a ridiculous long time to get. -_-

    I like the whole concept and such though. What will the Kraysalts think of the pokemon? Annoying little pests?
    Understood. Will you put that in the thread so other people will know? Or will it all depend on the actions of the players if they happen to be a Kraysalt? Sorry. If you're annoyed or anything, I'll stop with the questions and shut up. I don't want to sound pushy.

    At any rate though, I'll start working on my SU when I get the chance.
    Ah, gotcha. PC characters are a bit more flexible, so I see what you mean. Since that's the case, could a few of them be good? Or will they all be evil, just with conflicting interests?
    So pretty much Humans vs. Aliens, except with the addition of pokemon...Awesome. If the Kraysalts are evil though, wouldn't it be better to have them as NPCs? Do they have a leader?
    That makes sense. You gotta love the laws of physics. They can provide so much entertainment. XD I thought it was something like that, but I wasn't sure. Thanks. Where do the Kraysalts end up on Pokearth by the way? I'm assuming somewhere in Sinnoh obviously, wherever the rift happens to be located.
    I think I was thinking of the spells and such from the Fire Emblem games. Or the Elder Scrolls series. I honestly don't know anymore. XD

    Also, I was taking a look at the SU a second ago, and I noticed something. Something with the Sinnoh Rift. I understand that's where the Kraysalts come from, but if its in the sky...does that mean they can fly? Or do they just fall and catch themselves with whatever's available? Sorry with all the questions. I might've accidently missed something. :eek:
    So pretty much the elemental trinity with a few additions...Sweet. Its going to be...amusing when the Kraysalts meet pokemon to say the least. That and very destructive. XD

    Random Kraysalt: ["What the hell is that thing?]
    Wild Tyranitar: *Growls loudly*
    Random Kraysalt: ["For some reason, my instincts are telling me to run from whatever this thing is...But its cute! I'll keep it as a pet. I'll name him...Fluffy!"}
    Wild Tyranitar: *Fires hyperbeam, resulting in a bit explosion*
    Random Kraysalt: ["Fluffy! Nooooooooooooooooo!]

    ...Yeah. Overkill. I blame my overactive imagination.
    Awesome, I saw that you got your rp up! :D

    Its intresting but I have some questions. I like the idea, but what excatly do pokemon have to do with this, other than help the humans? Also, wouldn't the legendaries of Pokearth see the Kraysalts as a threat to their world? For instance, Palkia would probably sense this disturbance between the demisons and want to something about it. As for the Kraysalts...would they know about the exsistence of pokemon, or is this rp like a crossover?
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