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  • Thanks for clarifying. :)

    Just one more question: Can the legendary take control of the Soul Sharer's body when they see the humans are incapacitated or unfit to take on a certain situation?
    Oh and btw, in the Foresaken RP, do the soul sharers pretty much share a body with their legendary and blend personalites with them? Is a legendary able to communicate with the Soul Sharer with thoughts? Or are the humans just hosts?
    Hello Tassleholff.

    Could I maybe have my reserve extended a few days? School's going to be done with next Thursday for me and I'm not sure if I'll have much time to work on my SU until then. It really depends how homework and studying goes though. If you can't, no worries. I was just wondering. ^_^
    Yeah. We'll see how it goes, but I think I should refrain from using that theme when it comes to designing new RPs. I guess it is getting a bit old...
    I dunno, I'm beginning to have doubts about this RP now. The TF seems to have zero interest in it, and the other teams maybe only have one or two members each. I'm guessing people are getting sick of the whole Pokemorph/Chimera thing? Eh, hate to say it, but I think we may have overused the whole idea, and this other RP, Broken Shadows, is only adding to the over-saturation. A ton of people signed up for Alternate so I thought the appeal that brought those people in would have helped here.

    I'll leave it up to Billy to ultimately decide, but yeah, I still have my doubts...
    Yeah, I hear ya. Billy did say the Federation can use the Pokemorph/Chimera mutagens at least, just not right off from the beginning.

    My sign up for the Syndicate Leader is almost done, just need to do his history. Shouldn't be too long now.
    Quick question. Interested in being the fourth GM for Billy May's RP, Dark Secrets? We need someone to be the leader of the Trainer's Federation. All the other factions are covered, though.

    Sign ups are starting now, but it will be a little while before the RP itself begins, give or take a week or two.
    No problem, thanks for understanding. It's her 65th birthday, and I, along with my brother and sister, have been wracking our heads on trying to make it extra special. Combine that with a crazy job and graduate school... it's a load.
    Definitely, I've seen it, just haven't gotten around to making my character yet. Yesterday I had work for a full day along with a three hour class that had me going up twice for group presentations, and today I had to shop around for my mom. Her birthday's tomorrow and then there's mother's day less than a week after that.

    But yeah, if not tonight, I should have it ready soon.
    Wouldn't work. The Brotherhood just plain doesn't trust Gijinkas, and the same for the Alliance not trusting PokeMorphs or Chimeras either.

    Plus, spying kind of goes down the gutter with the presence of OOC knowledge. It's like trying to act surprised while reading a mystery when you already know the ending. It just doesn't work that well.
    Interesting concept. Well, good luck with it.

    And yeah, I think I need a new banner as well. I've had this one for months. XP
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