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  • Lol! For me is essays period. Never like it.

    Playing W2 sparingly currently.

    In all I am fine!

    Ah~ vacation rocks!
    Awesome, have a good time :3

    Lol, in England you start high school at year 7 (6th grade) and finish at year 11 (optional--10th grade) or year 13 (12th grade)

    Right now I'm in year 9 haha
    Ooooh nice, sounds awesome

    Gonna be a freshman? Do you know any friends going to that school before-hand?
    Ah, nice

    Just joined a new clan and struggling with the right road in life /deep
    Dang, pretty much the same by me but how can you learn a song fully? The hole song I mean, like van halen - hot for teacher, I want to learn the solo and just the hole full song... How do I do it, where get I get the tabs for the HOLE song... you know it? I've this problem so many times... It just creeps me out! plz, help me.
    Dude... I just wanna know where you get these songs learned? ... -_- lol Seriously, don't think wrong stuff about me and playing guitar...
    WHAT TE ****!!! O.O I had never heard that song before untill now BUT it is indeed f***** hard!!! o_O U learn this sh*t? HOW? I alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaayz wanted to learn fast quick songs but I don't do it at ear and I alwayz go to ultimate guitar for tabs (or just youtube) but the hole song is never given... can yu tell me how you learn this fast stuff? DAMN!!!! It's soooo stupid of me that I toke a breake of guitar!!!! >.< When I still could learn a lot!!! >.<
    Hey can you give me a pokemon? A pokemon and restrictions for a pokemon with the name Clara.
    Its for a gen 3 HMWYBS I figured I'd ask you because you've been not giving me pokemon and ignoring me.
    Hey brosky, you're now 15, congrats ;)
    I've taken a looooooooong breake from guitar but today I've just learned to first **** of the song called "Born to be wild" :p U still like rock music? And how are you? :)
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