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  • Don't quit Tavo! I am one of the worst battlers in the clan but i am improving each day! If i can get better, then that means you can get better as well! But if you still feel that you don't want to battle anymore, then why not stay with the clan just for fun? :) I am sure that you already know that, but everyone are going to miss you if you quit!
    Alright man I understand your decision. But won't you stay in the Clan to still be friends with us? Come to our xat and be a part of the community :)
    Dude you can improve, you're better than most out there and the reason I put you on our War Team was because we all saw potential in you, to get better.

    Bro, don't leave ;-;
    I can see that, I guess. I still play casually sometimes, I just finished Nuzlocke on my copy of black. My Swanna was so bad*ss. Well, good luck not getting reported for stalking!
    Are you at least gonna stick around on serebii?
    And I still think you should at least ask Karp or Ace to tutor you or something.
    Why do you say that? I still suck, and I'm not giving up. I might take a break from trying to RNG abuse though, it's giving me hell.
    Aww Tavo, I know you probably here it from alot of people, but damn bro, you have an OSL symbol, something I probably wont in a million years have. If you really think your bad, than you have karp, he is nice enough to help you.
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