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TaylorJP 98
Last Activity:
Aug 9, 2019
Nov 3, 2014
Likes Received:
UK, England
In sixth form

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TaylorJP 98

Trainer, from UK, England

TaylorJP 98 was last seen:
Aug 9, 2019
    1. Marika_CZ
      Don't pretend you are offline you little lurking rascal ;)
      How are you? How do you like GoT6 so far?
      Also there will be annoucement today about (BD)S/M ... I wonder how they are going to get us hyped this time...
    2. Marika_CZ
      Actually I am kinda disappointed so far... the event in Dorne were too sudden and unrealistic... gonna wait for the consequences in next episodes.
    3. Marika_CZ
      lolwut? wrm, hi there :)

      hru? watching new GoT too?
    4. Marika_CZ
      lol silly TJ :) Sorry I thought you knew. There is going to be legendary giveaway every month.
    5. Marika_CZ
      Everything is fine with me except being the clumsy d*ckhead I am, I walked into toilet door and now finger on my meft foot is purple from the "Tackle" experience. I am limping around like count de Peyrac. Hope it gets better tho I have errands in town this week.
      If you go online let me know pls!
    6. Marika_CZ
      wtf TJ we talked about it :'( ... Tyrion is the best character - at least so far. And you love to hate Cerssei right?

      I am OK - vacation after Easter :) 10 days off in total. hbu? Oi get your a** to PSS (lol jk nw)
    7. Marika_CZ
      TJ you little lurker! What you are up to now huh? Cant wait for GoT6 btw.
    8. Marika_CZ
      Erm, actually not happy about this. I will wait until we know more before making any judgements tho...
    9. Marika_CZ
      actually no. But if you faint in battle you dont have to reset game - I can come to your rescue so you wont lose money items and progress :)
    10. Marika_CZ

      Erm what? You alright buddy? Sounds like you have been drinking for the first time or something lol.

      Sometimes having no news in itself IS good news haha. Nah, actually I am kinda slowing down on FFEX. Reached the last wave of the most challenging quests and then there wont be anything. Even if there were it is getting repetitive tbh. Playing Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon now.
    11. Marika_CZ
      Hey you lil cheeky lurker ;-) How is it going? Anything new?
    12. Marika_CZ
      Heh just be glad you can actually buy it... I had to take online version coz distributor didnt care to send some copies to my country at all :/
    13. Marika_CZ
      actually if you never played FF before I can't really recommend the game at all. it will get very repetitive for you.
      me and Azu have a blast with it coz all the fanservice - memorable characters, classic monsters etc.

      Of course if you wanna try regardless, I am not gonna complain :D

      No worries I ahve become rather inactive pokemon-wise too. VGC16 ruleset just isnt for anyone I am afraid
    14. Marika_CZ
      lol you still alive you little rascal? JK thanks!
      If you do get it let us know so we can join forces on hunts and quests ;)
      HRU anyway? Didnt see much of you since... well its ages XD
    15. Marika_CZ
      kk looking forward to it! Cya
      doing OK, hope you do to
    16. Marika_CZ
      hah good to know ;) I dont blame you for not being interested in battling atm... the ubers are everywhere O_0

      Looking forward to cya :)
    17. Musashi~
      Hello! Thanks for accepting my FR!
    18. Marika_CZ
      wtf TJ does your Abra know Teleport?! Coz you sure disappeared so fast that it must have used the move lol

      Hope everything is OK with you and do show up from time to time pls ^__^
    19. Alatar VGC
      Alatar VGC
      Sorry about that :3
    20. Azulart
      I'm doing good thanks :)

      Yeah ! I wish you showed up sometime in PSS :P you are member of the Multi Squad afterall :P

      Thank you and I wish you the same !
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  • About

    UK, England
    In sixth form
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I'm a Sixth Form Student, I study Music, Spanish and Geography and in my free time I play Pokemon... a lot.
    .....well not even in my free time, just all the time ^_^

    Not much else to know I'm afraid (quite boring I know)

    Music, Languages, Gaming and POKEMON!!!