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  • But it's actually pretty nifty! Winning you two games IIRC? Does it out damage Psychic?

    Ahhhh. Well i'll deffo check GOT out soon!

    Also, rockin' a sort of mono fairy team in those last few battles! I remember some of your old mono teams! Physical Sylveon and Wigglytuff were yours, yeah? :p
    *Regice gets blown away by team Rocket* :p

    Truthfully, i've never seen it :x. So i'll get into it!

    That future sight is wicked!
    Okay. :) I assume you want my FC as well?

    You played well tonight by the way.
    Some new faces. :p

    PSS is usually active by this time.

    [ JoeyJoeJoe and Veens here on the forums.]
    Hah. Well we're on eachothers list now! ^^

    Hmmm. What does TJ do when not playin' poke anymore? I've barely played any lately!
    Hiii TJ :) I is doin oke, thnx. Yep watched the whole thing. I liked the last episode too (who didn't?) but personally I think they kinda overdid it there a bit. Too many plot threads were cut off / ended and some characters (mostly Arya and Olenna) seemed to have teleported around or traveled by speed of light judging by how fast they crossed continents just to appear in Convenient Places of Plot Progression.
    I assume they did that to tie up everything in preparation for big finale but I would still appreciate if they spread all the deaths a bit (e.g. Arya's revenge could have waited for S7 methinks - it would be great premiere start dont you think?)

    Yay Yay Yay Hooray Happy Day! ^^

    Multi + Free for all battles will spice things up a bit! You gonna give VGC17 a go?

    Yeah. These new designs are pretty funky. Almost radical in comparison to some of the "new" designs we've had over the years!

    No cry! :p

    Sinnoh is bae?
    Like a multi battle. Except no-one is paired with one another, hah! So it's essentially 4 v 4 trainers!

    And you can actually see the trainers in the battle!

    Have you seen free for all battles?

    S/M multi battles will be more fun then XY ones :p
    Not sure what Will means, of course we ARE stalking you.
    GoT s6e4 aired on Sunday so don't pretend you have any better way to spend an evening :p

    JK! Hope you are doing okay. Did you decide yet is S/M is worth buying? I didn't...
    Not that there is any stalking going on... but .... [David] is right. Some fun multi's to be had :p
    Hey TJ get your a** to PSS for multi lol.
    You are being missed Gardevoir fanboy. Come say hi and battle with us :p
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