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  • thanks again for adding me :) i hope we can do some multi battles or even a regular battle some time. just hit me up if you're down. ttyl :)
    hey man, how's it going? just wondering if i can add you for my friend safari. my FC is 1891-1275-2676 and my FS is in my signature. ttyl.
    Very nice, I'm trying to get a team together very quickly for VGCs, but I have no motivation to RNG it.
    nah i don't think that has nothing to do with it but now i get it i got elventh now on with his trainer...you need to get on the internet :p so i can get your third pokemon so we can see eachothers trainer XD
    yep no problem and yeah your type is fire i can access your two pokemon you provide in your safari just the third one will not show up did you connect when you beat the elite four that may be why....
    lol maybe XD and yeah so far that is the only way but there are only a few pokemon that can be in a safari for some reason you can have only 3 in your safari here is the list that can be


    when bank comes out alot of the other hidden abilities will be easy for me to transfer as well as transfer alot of my 5th gen rngs XD

    btw not sure why your will not let me see your third :/ which you beat the game >.>
    omg wow really that is the second person that told me that the got shiny lillipup lol your welcome though ;) you got growlithe and pyroar which i need both...i hope to get a hidden ability :p
    okay your fire :D now let see what pokemon you got it says you only have two right now so far once you beat the elite four the last one will show up ill let you know what you have in a sec...
    its fine and ill let you know your type when i add you :p and it goes by your wfc what you get as the type for the pokemon its random >.>
    yes the game is amazing and welcome back from the grave :D its been awhile again ;) if you you have x and y don't hesitate to add me my safari is normal lillipup,smeargle,and minccino...
    yeah i rnged my first id abuse it was a beast to get cuaz i had a outdated reporter XD i got a flawless UT Lv. 1 shiny Palkia Timid from it ^_^ its the event one from sinjoh ruins...its linked to my pokecheck its been like downloaded almost i think 70 times 0_0 lol just posted a new rngs i did thanks though glad to have back on the fourms...
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