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  • No, I want an Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 Ludicolo. Shiny would be awesome, my Tornadus is Shiny. ;D
    I think there's room for two RNGers in this clan, I'll let Twi know; I'm planning on a long PM to him about clan stuff.
    What delay of 1? You mean like Non c-gear where you have to start up a second early? There's nothing like that for 4th gen. The timer takes everything into account for you though you should pay attention to the "minutes before target." If your target time is 18:34:28 and it says "minutes before target: 1" that means you should set the DS clock to 18:33 and start the timer at the same time.
    Oh, lol. Seed to times.

    EDIT: Under 4th gen tools use seed to times. Choose HGSS. Seconds is up to you but I like working with 30.
    You're trying to hit an incredibly small unit of time (1/60th of second) so you're almost certainly going to mess up many times before you get it right. To check what delay you're hitting use the far right column of Pandora's box and once you know what delay you're hitting you can enter that in the timer and update to recalibrate it.
    Download EonTimer

    Your ID/SID is generated here.

    You're going to start the timer and set the DS clock at the same time then soft reset at the end of the first timer and make your way into the game. Get to screen shown in the pic above (where prof. oak says "I'll see you later"). You're going to wait there until the second timer hits 0 and as soon as the second timer hits you you press A. Use the beeps in EonTimer as a guide. I think the default is 6 beeps so to get consistent results you can always wait the 6th beep before you press A or something like that.

    You'll probably want to watch some of the videos in this thread to learn how to hit delays.
    PID: 7942EF72 (Timid, ability 0), IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31, seed: D2140289, delay: 638 (year: 2011), method 1: 114, K (synch): 71, K (no synch): 87, HP: Dark 70
    You should see that. Use Pandora's box to find compatible IDs/SIDs. Use the far left column in Pandora's box to search for compatible IDs. IIRC the delay needs to be 5000+ for HGSS IDs. The far right column will be used to figure out what delay you're hitting and you won't be using the middle column at all.
    Why did you check HGSS? I thought you wanted to RNG in Pearl? Pearl uses method 1 and J. Method K is HGSS.
    You want to RNG your ID/SID for a Timid flawless PID? Set max delay higher. 2000 is usually a good number. You should see the same timid flawless PID but with much lower frames.
    Oh, you need to download the QT DLL files too and place them in the same folder as PokeRNG.
    Or you could download the entire windows package.
    It's probably your browser settings. If you click on the link it should start downloading the program or ask you if you want to download it. Try this. Scroll down to the PokéRNG link and download it.
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