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  • Hi! Just wanted to vouch for this user if anyone is looking to do trades with them in the future. They were very clear in their messages when we traded and 100% upfront about everything. You can feel confident with them.
    Hey, yeah I need quite a few tbh I need vulpix, nine takes, meowth, bellsprout weepinbell victorybell, koffin,weezing, Vaperon, flareon and pinsir if you have any of them?
    Interested in your manaphy, but I am confused to what you're asking for. When you say looking for alolan and galarian forms, do you mean something like alolan Ninetails or just something from the alola region like primarina?
    Hey! I have abundance of 4 IV Grimer. I would appreciate a Bellsprout, Goldeen, Vulpix, Meowth, Evans, Koffing, and Pinsir. Can you help me?
    Hey, thanks for responding to that post, but I'm available anytime today, when would you be free, to do the trade evolutions?
    Hello, I was looking at your want list, and I was wondering if you were interested in all,
    I have a shiny Kabutops, that I candied up and raised to complete the Master trials for Kabuto/tops in my let’s go game.
    I am looking for a number of the ones listed on your offering to create a set of teams for a Gym challenge event my group here in San Antonio is doing for a Pokefest Convention.
    When can we trade again? I’ve got some trades I want to do to fulfill my Pokédex! The trades are as follows:
    1. I want to trade evolve my Machoke into a Machamp;
    2. I want to trade evolve my Alolan Graveler into an Alolan Golem;
    3. I want to trade an Alolan Grimer for an Alolan Meowth;
    4. I want to trade one of my Muks for a Weezing.
    It’s 11:07 AM here where I live. Are you ready to play? Send me a message whether you are or aren’t. I’ll be waiting! See ya!
    You never showed up, and my Joy Con ran low on battery, so I stopped playing.
    Did you check the PM chat? I replied to you 5 minutes ago in case you did not.
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