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    mmkay & yeah i have one ^.^ dude, i dont even know what i want for it! its just our convo about how you thought electivire would be the best shiny ever (and yeah, its pretty sweet xD) and i thought of you when i got it lol
    well dear charmander is a charizard =) epicc. i like totodile as he is, and i dont care much for chimchar ^.^ so ill deff trade chimchar along with electivire
    i thought you would want to know about the shiny electivire =)
    lvl 70
    great egg moves, moves (thunderpunch, icepunch, cross chop, earthquake)
    holding an expert belt i believe
    haha how do i see its iv's? that, i don't know ^.^
    I am looking for most starters, although I already have torchick and chickorita. I would be willing to trade for any female starter, however. And I'm always open to offers. :)
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