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  • Your totally not Australian. Ooft.

    I ain't no noob mate D< I've been on Serebii for 3 years. Bahah. You noobette.

    jks. It's done on GIMP, which basically is a high tech version of paint tbh, but in a more PS way, if you get me. ;P Though Iaza can do the same thing basically, but GIMP is better.

    Bahaha I just confuzzled you ;P

    Aww, that is a really cute Manga style thingy, right? I wish I could draw people like that >3

    Okkaaayyy ~ I finished mine. It's a smexy hat.

    :D very basic, but I love my smexy hat <3
    aww ^^ Are you planning to meet up with him anytime? That would be really sweet ^^;;
    Most guys are bumholes anyway. They deserve other bumholes :V

    oh. THOSE social groups. Haha, I would join that, buT i'm not really into FSJAl art. I did some a while ago, then kinda got bored with it :I


    ... I have never heard of any of those styles :V Epic art is about having your own style, imo. Bah, i'm just doing some random Cosplays :V Can I see it? :3

    Woah, that sounds like a cool costume oO. Nah, I think it's a load of **** tbh, all a waste of effort. I do believe in watching scary movies all night though, so I'll probably be doing that with friends xD Haha Zombie bride :B
    Haha I'm happy for you two ;P I'm rather an internet slag, been married 3 times, dated some guys, cheated on them, and flirted with loads of guys via the internet too ;P haha. I love my current bf though <3

    Which social group? What are they? D: Hah can't believe I've been on Serebii 3 years and dont know what that is ;P

    You must teach me how to do chibi -3- I cant do it at all. Please? :3 My styles vary alo, depends what mood i'm in ;P
    No, you're not boring at all! You're a really great person! Really!
    I kind of have never even had anyone I knew have a crush on me before, actually. Well, not that I've noticed, anyway. I guess I kind of am the boring one...
    I've kind of got a few... My top three are Rayquaza, Mudkip, and Pachirisu. I guess I could be cosplaying as Mudkip? Unless you're cosplaying as Mudkip. Then I'll be Rayquaza.
    Why on earth would you do that? Everybody knows NZ is soooo mush better than OZ :p I imagine youre accustomed to the rivalry?
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