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  • apparently they can't be traded in therian form. which freaking sucks! thanks for the help anyways!
    hey man so i couldn't pm you because it said that your inbox is full. might want to delete some of those messages mate.
    I could breed a new Oshawott for you if you want and give it to you, you can raise it to the same level as your old one or maybe up to 100 along with the rest of your old in game team.
    Thank you very much for the Zorua, it's nice to have such a rare Pokémon in my team. After I finish the story and and everything wanna maybe have a battle with my end game team?
    No problem, actually I'm thinking Mild nature now, forgot Zoroark has a base 105 Attack and I don't want to ruin that. If you don't have a Mild you could also just give me two random ones and I can breed one myself.
    It's not complicated. I'm looking for a Modest or Timid Zorua but you can also see what stat boosts and decrease they provide by looking at their stats and if say Attack is in red letters it means it's +10% better than normal, and lets say Special Attack is blue then its -10% than normal and is called an Adamant Nature, the opposite of Modest.
    That's good news, shiny doesn't matter to me and even if you found one you'd probably wanna keep it am I right? Anyway I'm basically doing my 4th run of Pokémon White, did one with every starter up to Ghetsis and the stopped. Right now as I'm writing I'm soft reseting for a Oshawott with a good nature. After getting to Striaton City I think I can trade, shouldn't be long.
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