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Jan 15, 2015
Mar 12, 2011
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Plasma Rocket

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Jan 15, 2015
    1. Knightfall
      You're very welcome.

      And, I kinda saw how that went. Sorry to see that.

      Very well. I wasn't intending on helping, but I'll make sure I avoid any instances of doing so. I understand that this is something that has to be done by you alone.
    2. Knightfall
      I see. Well, there are a couple on my end that are like that for me too, but I do agree that there are very few that are that good. Cutlerine is good at writing those stories.

      And, I'm trying to keep up with Jax's reboot as well, especially since I never got around to reading the original...

      I have! I gained inspiration to write shortly after reading several stories on here in 2011 (GH's story and others among these). Considering that I had no prior creative writing experience and I had to learn everything on the fly, I agree. I'm doing fairly decent.

      Well, that probably would be a good topic to post in the Author's Cafe, but I'll answer briefly here. To be honest, reading other good fan fiction motivates me. I've got a bit of a competitive edge when it comes to writing and I want my story to outshine the others in its category. By reading other's works, I see what they do that worked well, and I think of ways of how to top it in my own writing. Not to say that I belatedly go through and rip ideas and plot points from others, but use their work as a sort of thing to get inspiration flowing. There are some fan fictions that I read simply to read and enjoy, and there are others that I read to see what worked for them.

      And, of course, my writing is always motivated by people who enjoy my work.
    3. Knightfall
      Well, I tried to give a proper send off for the story. I'm glad that you feel the same way.

      Heh, it appears that my first days on here are well imprinted on my memories. And, believe me, I occasionally check as well. It's truly a sad sight to see when a story that good suddenly goes dormant for one reason or another. I'm certain GH has other things to deal with currently, but something tells me that he hasn't completely forgot about it yet.

      Anyways, I'm curious, besides the few stories in your sig, which others have caught your attention here?
    4. Knightfall
      Heh. Sorry for outclassing you, man. XD I had to make my last post on the thread as eloquent as possible.

      (Glad to see you're still around, actually. I remember you from comments on some of the older stories on here, such as First Contact, I believe).
    5. bobandbill
      Got it, cheers.
    6. bobandbill
      YES I CAN!

      That is to say, I fixed it, although I only saw two unstickied threads.
    7. Brendan_Birch
      Lmao no problem, Starwars x Pokemon = sexy
    8. bobandbill
      Stickied the both of them. ~
    9. kingferret53
      No problem, anytime. I hope it was of use to you.
    10. diablo_200525
      1) The late night news in my town usually come on around 11pm

      2) General school times for me is 9-1ish (Old college schedule) (Spring break is usually in March)

      3) Grade K - 6, then junior high (7-8), then high (9-12)

      4) Usually I am a quiet type of person, often containing a mysterious sense of power, stuff like that. As for the others, they could be similar. Up to you

      Peterson sounds alright

      - Sounds good to me.
    11. diablo_200525
      Alrightee, just get back to me when you start, or if you have any questions regarding it.
    12. diablo_200525
      Oh my goodness I am so sorry for not replying to your previous visitors message. I totally forgot =(

      I actually do like the idea very much, seeing what you have in mind seems pretty good.. So sure, you have the go ahead from me.

      Just as long as you don't call it the Canadian kid :P
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