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Tearen the Absol
Last Activity:
Mar 18, 2018
May 2, 2008
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Photographer, Graphic Designer

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Tearen the Absol

Carpe Noctem, from CT

Tearen the Absol was last seen:
Mar 18, 2018
    1. Andydemon
      *Reads about your character, namely the part about him being a doctor working for Avalon*

      Please don't experiment on Kitai. XD
    2. TheSequelReturns
      The Romulus King runs the whole realm from the safety of his castle on the distant shores of the sea. Its a place most Druids have never laid eyes on. Instead, out in the Druid lands, Avalon is the top dog. Sanctuarium, though more popular with the people, its considered a threat to the greater good by Avalon who have branded all within their ranks as criminals. Grim is sort of like the mafia, always out of reach but never more than a happy coincidence away. And with their hands in a little bit of everything. They leave each other and the people alone for the most part, only moving when needed to.

      Hunting Archfiends is the main source of income for sorcerers. Especially Avalon scorcerers. The Romulus pay for contract kills, the Avalon superiors award bounties on particularly dangerous foes, and the townspeople will put up a pot for whoever solves their Foul Creature problems. Likewise, many will seek out and pay Sanctuarium for rescuing loved ones who have become Archfiends. Grim doesn't deal much with contracts as a group, though their members are free to do as they wish.

      Anything else I can add?
    3. TheSequelReturns
      Ok, no problem.

      Picture a vaguely European/WestAsian locale. Lots of rolling hills, mountains, valleys, and the occasional desert or barren wilderness.

      Now, the entire northeast section of the map is basically one giant no-go zone. Its where the magic from the old war ran haywire and turned the laws of reality inside out. Outside this zone, things are relatively normal, aside from the occasional monster sighting or magically constructed building. But inside the forbidden zone things can get bonkers. Its also filled to the brim with Archfiends and Foul Creatures who are attracted to that magic. Every so often, one of those monsters will get the urge to cause some havoc and venture out into the populated lands.

      Most of the people live in little rustic villages, some more established than others. Some look like little forts or picturesque towns. Most look like ramshackle farms and shacks clustered around a well or a fertile field. A few big cities exist much farther into the continent, but those are mostly reserved for the wealthy Romulus citizens.

      The Druids got to keep all their land after the war, but unfortunately for them half of that is the forbidden zone. So most make due with what they can and rely on the sorcerers to keep them safe. Poorer Romulus citizens live out there as well, though Romulus will always have a prejudice against the Druids for their ties to magic and the Archfiends.
    4. VampirateMace
      You replied to yourself, not me (you've got to click view conversation), and I was just coming to say someone explained it to me. But thanks for replying. That makes a lot more sense. Good luck with your RP.
    5. Tearen the Absol
      Tearen the Absol
      The Masters aren't sacrificed; the Legendary Servants are though...they don't know that when they're summoned.
    6. VampirateMace
      Hi, I don't really have the knowledge of Fate to feel like I can join your RP, but I still have a question about the plot. If all seven masters need to die for the wish to be bestowed, what motivation do they have to fight? Did I just miss something?
    7. spyrois2cool
    8. LadyTriox
      Hi :) I read you like roleplaying. You should vm spyrois2cool sometime. He's very into roleplaying too :)

      I guess we can be friends as well XD Maybe all 3 of us could rp sometime :3
    9. DietDrPepsi
      Hey, I just thought of some changes to my profile I want to make. One is no biggy, need to fix a descriptor, but I also want approval to up Getter-1 to 30m. I admit that I had skimmed over the height range. Another question I have is should I lock Getter to the Getter-1 form? It has three in total but I originally worried if that would be a little much for one person to control. Either way I feel alright with them having the individual jets to split up in, since those are considered too weak for combat.
    10. DVB
      Yeah, but Gurren Lagann fits best with two people. So I was thinking that my character wuld fight mainly with someone piloting GaoGai (The main mecha lion of Gaogaigar)
    11. DVB
      Hey, since I would probably only have a Lagann, would that mean I combine with anyone else having a robot from any other series?
    12. AJ2000
      Okay, so I guess it's time to enter the RP. I think it would be best if your character and Tixen's were to have a run-in with Artus' group. Right now, he just woke up in the caverns, so I guess you could either just run into him there. You can even have Tixen's character tag along, considering your characters know each other.
    13. bronislav84
      Ok thanks, I'll try.
    14. RaZoR LeAf
      RaZoR LeAf
      Well the thread was made several years ago. It's been remade into Bitstrips on facebook now.
    15. bronislav84
      Hi, I got a quick question. I like your RP, but the complexity makes me worry about it starting. Besides I'm already in a bit many RPs. My question is would you allow creating a race but not actually joining? If yes, what is the appropriate form?
    16. harryheart
      Chapter 28 of Max's Hoenn Journey is up - please rate and review
    17. harryheart
      New Chapter of Max's Hoenn Journey is up - Chapter 27
    18. harryheart
      New Chapter of Max's Hoenn Journey! Sorry it's late:

      Chapter 26
    19. Killer_Squirtle
      You did kinda make her look a little butch though dude... Meh, whatever.
    20. Killer_Squirtle
      HOLY FRIG DUDE! On Da, you... you... W0000000000T

      BTW, in case you didn't hear, Darkrai is a betrayer of the other legends and its Stephen
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