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  1. TechYes

    Shiny Trades

    Charizard Pidgey Rattata Spearow Pikachu Vulpix Ninetials (LV. 100 best hp, sp attack, defense and speed, very good sp. defense and good attack, Maxed candies) Jigglypuff Chancey Ditto Magnemite Dratini DM me if you need version exclusives, touch trades, evolutions or whatnot.
  2. TechYes

    Gyrados For Meltan Plz

    I can hook it up for you.
  3. TechYes

    Looking for new, shiny growlithe.

    I'm fairly sure mew cannot be traded but PLEASE correct me, I have shinies I would trade for mew!
  4. TechYes

    Looking for Kabuto (LGE)

    I can hook it up, message me
  5. TechYes

    Shiny Alolan Odds

    Most likely, yes. Given the game mechanics and datamining information, that is just like any other spawn as far as shiny generation.
  6. TechYes

    Shiny Pokémon ?! who have you caught?!

    During a spearow chain a shiny rattata was my first. Pre shiny charm, just lure and combo. I started chaining vulpixes, and got one at about 86 combo. I kept going because I read more shinies spawn after the first one, and found jigglypuff. Those green eyes, tho... Second shiny vulpix after a...
  7. TechYes

    Mewto dex entry help

    Still need?
  8. TechYes

    LP Pikachu - Level-Grinding Help Please

    Chain catch the one you want to increase shiny / IV chance, if you are chaining a rare spawn like chansey or charmander I get them to appear by chaining a common spawn like spearow or graveler, then lure after first capture because of the new combo. You can run from anything (even your chain...
  9. TechYes

    #151 Mew Trade Thread

    yeah sounds gucci! i'll message you. Only need mew now. Main post edited!
  10. TechYes

    Filling the Dex in Let's Go Eevee

    scyther available anytime. I also have moltres
  11. TechYes

    #151 Mew Trade Thread

    Mew cannot be traded. Whoops Guess it's been confirmed.
  12. TechYes

    Help with Pokedex?

    Give you magmar for a mew touch? I have poliwhirl, and shellder but need back Need an oddish also
  13. TechYes

    Need help trading!

    Cool thanks
  14. TechYes

    Need help trading!

    Oh sorry coming back
  15. TechYes

    Need help trading!

    Still need anything?