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  • Teddi, everyone is gone. I'm legit tearing up over here. This awful place really does hold some fond memories, as pathetic as that may sound.
    I must have misunderstood, the way I read it was sort of factual rather than anything else so that was the word of choice I guess! All the points I made still stand. Sorry for getting that part wrong if you were just point out what an expert said, fair enough.
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    Hey du =] Schön dich mal wieder hier zu sehen! Okay, es ist nicht so, als ob du ganz untergetaucht warst, aber ich hatte trotzdem das Gefühl, dich hier viel seltener anzutreffen. Dir auch schöne & erholsame Feiertage :)
    I did! There was merriment, money, presents, and unhealthy food eaten in the name of it being my birthday. But all I really wanted for my birthday was for PAD to gain a couple IQ points, and that's one present I'll never get. 8(
    Yeah. I'll probably watch the first 5 or so BW eps just to see what Iris and the other guy is like, but I'm probably not going to watch the arc regularly.

    I've watched all 650+ episodes so far from the last 13 years, and I do feel its time for a break.

    I doubt I'll watch BW past the initial 5 eps, because no matter how good a saga is, its events feel unimportant when it ends. Just look at the way most of the good stuff that happened in DP has been forgotten already by most fans.

    If 4 years from now I hear that BW is the last arc of Ash's story, then I'll go back and catch up on all the eps I missed. However if we just go to Gen 6 beyond that...then meh, there's no reason to bother.

    I'd rather end with DP. My only regret is not seeing all of Ash's older pokemon used.
    I like all the new Pokemon for the most part. At the moment, I'm really digging Hihidaruma. Especially since I found out it was based on the daruma stove and not the daruma doll, which I believe deserves a Pokemon in itself.
    another thing I saw on Nico... this one also got taken down, but it shouldn't be too hard to replicate: the German and Japanese versions of The Biggest Dreamer playing at the same time. One playing in the left speaker, the other in the right.... god damn, I swear I almost went insane listening to that the first time, it's that intense. XD
    I am kinda. I'm mad because I was rooting for them ( even though I am hispanic XD) but they were horrible.=[ I wanted Klose to make the goal that will put him first place...

    By the power of the deceased Mukubird you shall see Germany on the 2014 finals, if not I'm calling shenanigans on those *****es. ~
    Hi, on some other forums were you being serious when you said that a manly queen wears sunglasses all the time?
    heh, just looked back on my previous visitor message from you. 4/1, good times. ^^

    BTW, do you happen to have an account on Nico Nico Douga? I found something pretty nifty on there, but you need to be logged in to view their videos.

    EDIT: Nevermind, video got removed. In case you're wondering, it was a clip of the final battle+departure scene from Digimon Adventure with the German version of Braveheart/Butterfly mixed with the Japanese voices (user comments for the German dub songs were generally very positive).
    Don't be silly. You're obviously Gible. You enjoy munching on people's heads and people accuse you of being a rehash.
    Happy birthday! I, meanwhile, will be celebrating an American holiday where I will be devouring a delicious Teddi! I mean...a delicious TURKEY!
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