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  • Work and school for separate things haha.

    How do you feel about the newest movie? For Pokémon coming out ?
    Oh! Very nice to hear, congrats! I'd send you a housewarming gift...but i'm so far away! :)

    Hmmm..idk where to start, but so far, work work work! I've been working non stop and getting overtime and juggling with school

    Merry Christmas!!!!
    I realized I had this autosaved from like two years ago xD:
    Kirito x Asuna never grew on me i have no idea why xD. But ohhh my gosh. i LOVE maka x soul. I never knew i would have a ship that would beat pokeshipping, but then came this and wow. OTP.
    lol! (hey! you are still alive! :p)
    Talking about that pain...How's work doing?
    Nah! Really? Don't tell me you are eating junk like me!
    hey! I'd never do it! I'm another survivor from that vile and dangerous experience :'(
    Thank dude! ^^ yes, I hate buying coffee for others :s lol
    I know, it's hard, but at least you keep yourself healthier than us :)
    they cut like paper XD
    kinda, I have to secure a placement before the end of the month, otherwise I'll have to volunteer or get a boring office job :s
    oh! I forgot your issues with sugar, sorry :/
    (you again? :s) jk :p I know you do
    hehe, I was used to the same before but now that I'm looking for job in Human Resources I have to be a saint online :) Indeed! :s Serena will eventually leave even if the ship becomes canon.. that's the sad truth :s
    PS: Happy Belated Easter! :D
    well... if you say so *rolls eyes*
    :) and I appreciate you doing that. Yep, the forums have totally change their style, I was used to post in Amour but people have become a little pessimistic :s
    :D yes, you can!
    hmm... I agree with the first part... about a bundle of joy I'm not sure... ^^
    eh... (5 minutes later)... no problem dude! It's always good to are trying to stay in touch with this crazy fellow here :)
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