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  • oh... you again? jk :p
    haha! you never trust me... what a friend :/
    hm... you are maybe right.....haha! jk ;) take care dude!
    LOL won't disagree with you there, since it's something I want as well XD

    Yeah, it kinda was XD
    nope? why? ^_^
    a set up? nooooooooo, trust me ;)
    yes, they could! the question is if they will try!? :O ...and you keep bugging me with that "old man" thing! *stops phonograph* :p sadly I'm not a rich kid like others lol!
    ahhhhh (I knew it :p I'm just playing dumb) yes! I do! because I give him advice ;) yes! you should be worried about yourself! lol!
    well, you have to consider many of us are teenagers or young adult with few real life romantic experience, they are easily mislead by simple titles or pseudo-hints *nods*
    lol! XD thanks!
    "man love"? what is that supposed to be dude?? :/
    *gives you business card of his psychiatrist* ^^
    oki doki, just asking :p xy59 broke the hearts of many Amourhippers here :s
    (oh men... you again? jk :p)
    I love my chick, not you, sorry >(
    are you contradicting yourself? eh? ;)
    at least this year ^^
    hey! still following the anime?
    (hey! you got another "revive" long time not talking to you!)
    hold on, let me go downstairs to help mom cleaning my room :p
    lol XD
    happy? you are mean! I guess you should add Arsenal to the list :D
    Yeah, the stupid age restriction prevents Pokémon from becoming a great anime. I think it'd be much better if the writers make the anime a bit more serious.

    S*** will go down eventually, there's no stopping it XD
    well, I think they won't (considering they probably live in mommy's basement) jk! :p
    yes! It does! read *shows label*
    haha! you are right! but they haven't won anything important lately :S
    should I blame you? nah! :) we all have a life!
    wait a minute... it has a label saying "refurbished"! this is fake!
    Liverpool is going to cash from that "loan" anyway, they can get a get a good replacement!
    Yeah, this is probably one of the cleanest and most well-managed communities out there. Some of the rules are a bit odd, but it can't be helped.

    Ash's redesign include a lot of details which make him look older (narrower eyes, smaller 'z' marks, taller), so I think the writers have aged him a bit. Yeah, some people just want to watch the world burn complain.

    Run for your underground shelters XD
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