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  • you are right :p it'd be boring... hey! are you in vacations again? I haven't seen you in this place lately.
    you don't trick me with that fake aureole! ]:)
    I just heard Gerrard has the chance to play 1 more year in Liverpool :)
    Yeah, it really does. I don't really like shipping the protagonists of shows with people, except with Maka or Ash, but for example I do ship Ed and Winry but not so much it's just a "hey that's cute" kinda thing. (I'm more into Roy x Riza) but then Natsu and Lucy seems pretty obvious, and it may be the endgame considering how many hints there are (I'm only up to date with the english dub) Anyways, yeah AOT is just like a one time thing im not really into it as my family or media, but i still do like it. Hunterxhuner=tried watching one episode thought it was horrible af and couldn't watch.
    Y'know, looking at some of the asinine comments makes me side with the administration as far as rules go -_-

    I don't think the 'they're 10!' argument works that well when we're talking about a world in which 10 year old kids stuff magical beasts with the power to destroy entire cities into tiny balls and pit them against each other in brutal death matches XD

    It was rather unusual XD
    Yeah, I know!. Maybe, I just never got into it for some reason. My sister loves the show though xD. Lol I ship Gray and Natsu/Gray x Lucy so I'm not really a Gray x Juvia/ Natsu x Lucy shipper xD.

    Well, it's not like we make the rules around here XD

    Yeah, this is the first time something like this has happened. Unless there's a kiss, there's no way the hype will go any higher XD

    Yeah, almost all the usernames in the 'Currently Active Users' were red, orange or blue.
    hm... you are right, good point, that's who I call a hardcore Amourshipper :p Same here, I'll wait until xy 059 to do it
    Indeed! Liverpool is going to miss him on the field... even we can play there! :p
    I lovvved the movie. Ah everything was good about it. Haha. I've seen SAO but didnt finish watching it xD. But I watched Fairy Tail and I love that one!! Gray is bae.

    Oh nah, I gotchu xD
    I agree, but there are new members and they tend to say or ask what we did before. Don't worry be happy :)
    haha! That's sad dude, Gerrard IMO can still play a couple of more years for Liverpool :( but the MLS is full of junk, and to make it more interesting their teams can't beats the Mexican ones... *facepalm*
    dude, I'm just kidding :p I know you are busy, we all are busy, I'm also just posting here replies to VM's, I was used to post in the Amour thread but I haven't done it in weeks either! :p
    hehe... that's why the MLS was made for :) dinosaurs
    Did you watch the movie too? That was great, I LOVED it. Like I said, 03' in my opinion was much better minus the ending. If you ship Edward and Winry, then you're going to have shipper feels in brotherhood xD

    Ohh I see haha
    hey! you are still alive! what's up dude? :D
    I think he has no choice, he's too old to be picky, tbh I don't see him performing in a great level for more than 2 more years :S
    Yeah, that's pretty annoying. Isn't the content more important than how many lines you cram it into? XD

    LOL yeah, a few people will always be disappointed XD

    BTW too many mods and admins online right now XD
    Its okay! xD. I watched both. Honestly I liked the 2003 version better, sure it didn't follow the manga and had an alternative ending (sorta like the way Soul Eater had a completely diffferent story line at epsidoe 37.) I liked the plot more. It was more epic. FMAB is great if you want more episodes and more on the characters (etc like relationships or future) and if you want an anime that follows the story line. Its my unpopular opinion, but idk, i reallly liked the 03' version soo much.

    Well, you could answer publicly and talk through reblogs, thats the easiest way rather than keep on asking back and fourth. Hahah yeas i am!
    True. The one-liner rule only applies to the Shippers Community AFAIK. Yeah, I agree XD

    All they have to do with this episode is not disappoint us, it'll be a great success if they manage that XD
    I had a meeting my girl's cousins and had a few drinks too, the streets were a little icy so we decided not to drive downtown.
    Hm...do you think so? Some players like Robben are brats but too good to be sold (IMO)
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