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    Food Chain

    I could see an Ursaring attacking a human in the wild. Gardevoir, like other Psychics probably feeds off of emotions? Something to that extent.
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    Raikou, Entei, Suicune; Legendary Cats or Dogs?

    They look feline to me.
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    favorite pseudo legendary?

    Tyrantitar FTW!
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    Favorite Generation 4 Game?

    So what's your favorite?
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    worst pokemon ever

    Farfetch'd is NOT the worst Pokemon to exist. Swords Dance + Slash = Destruction. Magikarp may be very weak, but it evolves into something quite amazing. I think most of the Pika-wannabees are pretty bad Pokemon.
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    Moves that look better in the past

    I liked Surf in generation 3, and I was disapointed when I saw what it looked like in generation 4.
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    The best hm slave

    Sandshrew or Diglett
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    New weather condition: Dark Fog Effects: Boosts the attack power and evasion of Dark and Ghost Pokemon. Lasts 2 - 5 turns. Pokemon that can learn Dark Fog: - Gastly line - Misdreveus line - Mightyena line - Tropius - Rotom - Murkrow line - Absol
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    Favorite Rodent?

    I won't add the Pikachu line into this poll because it's a bit too popular. Anyway, what are your favorite rodent-like Pokemon?
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    Mewtwo or Lucario? Who do you like? VOTE

    I like Mewtwo mostly because of nostalgia, and Lucario is so overrated.
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    Wow, Tropius got Dragon Dance? That's not bad because I like Tropius. Personally, the following feature is probably one of the best parts of the game. I'm really happy with everything.
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    If new pokemon types arise, what do you think that they will be?

    I think Light is basically Psychic. And personally, I would like a sound type, that's kind of cool.
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    Pokemon: Their Unusual Habits/Attacks.

    Pigey can learn Fly and it's one of the smallest bird Pokemon.
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    Most useful item?

    Max Repel and Full Restore
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    Super Effective?

    Some types are easy to imagine why they are super effective against each other. For example, fire is weak against water because water can douse fire. The brains over brawn thing with psychic and fighting is easily explainable as well. But what about other types, and their super effectiveness...