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  • Lol awrighty the past few days've been hectic for me so I havent been able to be there for the clan as much as possible >.<
    Pfft you're not even there -w-

    Also, sorry about the kinda slowness of the clan atm two of the leaders are doin stuff and won't be back till like, a little longer I think. We've already been chall'd by TBC and AoS so its gonna get kinda busy soon. >.<
    Oh it's not a problem, you should use the things you like. But as I say, multiple Water types means you can fight in a pool, for example. Just the one and this becomes more difficult. Basically, you always want to have at least six pokémon that you wouldn't mind using in and on water.
    Hi there! I see you've put in a squad in the Animé Style Battling section. Great! But did you know that a) you an have a total of 13 pokémon when you start and that b) you can start with a Butterfree (as opposed to a Caterpie)? Something to consider. Looking at your squad, you might want to add some more Water types and more pokémon that can fly or levitate, because that means that you can battle really well in arenas without much solid ground to stand on. Hope this is useful info!
    It doesn't involve your team being rated, but try to replace the Tornadus and Thundurus sprites with
    these ones since your calling them Thundurus and Tornadus with a "-T"

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