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Terra Force
Last Activity:
Oct 12, 2017
Apr 12, 2010
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Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt, from USA

Terra Force was last seen:
Oct 12, 2017
    1. rotomotorz
    2. Cpchris
      oh :\ Well maybe a break from hunting will be a good thing for when you get back into it. Anytime I take a short break from hunting, even just a few days, I always feel really refreshed for it when I go back to it.
    3. Cpchris
      Oh that sucks =\ Are you going to try again? It's bound to show up sooner or later :p
    4. Cpchris
      Thanks :) I hope you can get one yourself eventually. You might risk getting a duplicate of the female like me, but I think it's worth it for a nice blue Nidoking. 30% isn't too awful of a chance, either. Best of luck if you go after it again!
    5. Ghosts of the Forums
    6. Rapidgator
    7. Overkill™
    8. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Heya. Volbeat looks great! Talk about lucky there. Congrats!
    9. Kyle Clarthy
      Kyle Clarthy
      Ugh, those damn Basculin. Sorry to hear about it. I find it awful to lose a shiny. I'm still trying to find another shiny Hoothoot, but I kind of feel as if it will never really replace the one that was lost. Do you feel the same way or do I get way too attached to my Pokémon? :P
    10. SvenNinja
      I agree...
    11. SvenNinja
      Wellll I just saw the guild wars area. Sorry to bother you, and good job ;_;
    12. SvenNinja
      Durnit. I honestly couldn't find you, but before I could come here to check on here, I had to go help put hay in our loft. I swear to all gods above and under, we shall battle tomorrow. I PROMISE DUDE.
    13. SvenNinja
      Dammit, my family decided to go out to dinner and I couldn't get home until seven, and I couldn't find your name on Showdown. Let's set up a time for today- a time I can keep! Does 4:00 PM EST Work? All of my days until Friday can keep a time until 4/4:30.
    14. Lulamoon
      Congrats on being one of the first to Abomasnow rank!
    15. SvenNinja
      Hey man, I'm not going to be able to get on until, like, six pm est tonight- do you want to settle a time?
    16. ~Sam~
      Hey I really like your shiny card. Did you make it yourself? I really want to get one myself.
    17. SvenNinja
      I can only do before evening on Saturday, but I think I'm free all Sunday.
    18. SvenNinja
      I'm so sorry for being late, I had a knee injury the day you messaged and I haven't remembered the war. I am ready whenever you are.
    19. StonE EdgE
      StonE EdgE
      I'll be able to battle Monday after 3 EST.
    20. The Master Chief
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