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Oct 23, 2015
Aug 5, 2013
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Who actually cares.
Not getting sleep.

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Back from the Dead, from Who actually cares.

TestTales was last seen:
Oct 23, 2015
    1. Knightfall
      Yeah, but there's plenty of competent people they could easily hire, but don't.

      Well, as long as I'm able.

      It was called AP Environmental Science (the AP being Advanced Placement) and it was really interesting as we went into all the aspects that effect the environment and ways we can prevent its collapse without sacrificing comforts. It is funny. I like learning, but the system that teaches it I don't.

    2. Knightfall
      I know that, but they could at least try a bit harder to make it perfect.

      I won't! Ever! I promise!

      And, yeah, I know that. Last year I took a class all about the environment and our impact on it.

      Nice. Hope you have fun with them. And, I do hope you feel better soon.
    3. Cassafrass1999
      LOL! XD

      Awesome... the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fic is the one I am in the most excited to read! :)
    4. Knightfall
      I guess it's messed up in some way, shape, and form everywhere.

      Yeah, my story, my friends, everything.... Let's just make sure I never lose my password. xD
      And, yes, nature will eventually recover.

      Awesome! Hope you like it!
    5. Cassafrass1999
      Haha, yeah, lol... and no, I understand lol... bad me! XD (jk, jk...) XD

      Wow, that is nice! I wanna get around to reading some of his fan-fics sometime, but haven't done so yet, lol... XD
    6. Cassafrass1999
      Yeeeeeaaaaaah. LOL! I see what you mean, don't worry. XD

      Yup! He has really helped me with my fan-fic. He Is really nice! :3
    7. Knightfall
      Indeed it is.

      Because our public school system isn't run by people who are smart.

      I've never had to deactivate an account, but I can't imagine suddenly losing everything on here.
      Hmm, wow, that's pretty sad. I'm sorry to hear that it was bombed, among the other war crimes he committed. Either way, glad to see some sort of growth is coming back to it.
    8. Cassafrass1999
      Yeah, lol... XD

      Thanks! And I understand... although I admit that I am definitely a movie person, lol! XD

      Sweet! Knightfall is an awesome friend of mine as well! :D
    9. Cassafrass1999
      No worries, as I will! XD

      I am great! Just watched Zoroark: Master of Illusions... awesome movie! :D
    10. Cassafrass1999
      Yeah... getting a little on the creepy side there lol. 0_o

    11. Cassafrass1999


      Yeah, I understand... that's cool though! And in my opinion, I am glad that we are all different... it would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same lol. :P
    12. Knightfall
      I probably will, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. XD

      And, I know that. The same could be said for anywhere.

      They do assign books, so it's rather restricted in what you get to read.

      And, I saw that as well. That's unfortunate, hopefully you didn't lose much with it. And, yes, sorry I got the title wrong. Very pretty. Ballaland? I'll remember that name.
    13. Knightfall
      Yep, and second day wasn't as bad. Though, I've forgotten much of the Algebra 2 I learned from last year. XD

      That much I did know! It's not a recognized state, and there were a lot of things that were supposed to be after WWI in Central Asia and the Middle East that never came to be... Unfortunately. And, I'm very glad. I'd hate for you to go back to an unsafe area.

      Well, I'm just testing my memory. Didn't want to get it completely wrong.

      Summer reading is not fun and they assign books for you to read, but I wouldn't listen to him when it comes to his opinions on books. He hates reading, so yeah. Take what he says about most books with a grain of salt.

      That's perfectly fine! I'm glad you're on there as well! And I watched you too. And, those photographs were very pretty. Especially of the ones from Kurdistan. The Mountain Village was my favorite of them all.
      And, I can't wait to see more on there from you!
    14. Cassafrass1999
      Thanks for understanding lol... but wow, really? Violet is a pretty name though... I am horrible with names as well haha! >.<

      Yes, exactly! You put it better than me lol... although I am not a big fan of Mystery, and Sci-Fi is just "OK" to me hehe... X3
    15. Cassafrass1999
      Man, sorry about that... dumb memory *slaps forehead* But ah ok, I see lol! I think I am good, as I can remember it... XP

      Yeah.... I can understand that! I am not into Romance at all (ick), and for comedy it depends on the book lol, although fantasy and the like are my main favs! :)
    16. Knightfall
      Yep, apparently we start pretty early compared to elsewhere in our country and around the world... :/ It wasn't that bad, honestly, just like a normal day in school during sports season.
      And, sorry to hear that about your arm. Hope it gets better soon.
      That's good to hear, is it elsewhere in Canada or back in your home country of ... Kurdistan? (Did I totally butcher the spelling? If so, I deeply apologize.)

      Wow, lucky. Schools down here have it all the time, and no one ever does it. XD And, it is a pretty popular book, if I'm not mistaken. That book actually inspired me to personally buy the other three in the series.

      And, good luck. There's a lot to it, but have fun with it!
    17. Cassafrass1999
      Bartimaeus? Sounds familier, but I am not sure what it is... can you please tell me? X3

      Ah, doesn't matter... I like books of all types, whether they are childish or not (usually). ;)
    18. Cassafrass1999
      Awww... that stinks. :(

      Yeeeeeaaaaaaaah... I know what you mean lol... :/

      Wow, that's awesome! :D
    19. Cassafrass1999
      Ah, I see... that stinks. :/

      Yeah, lol! I can see why lol... XP

      Ah ok, that sounds really cool! Maybe I will check it out... someday. :P
    20. Knightfall
      School just started today for me, and it was not the best day. It was hot, the AC wasn't working, and I had running practice in the afternoon, so I'm exhausted now. Anyways, I think you'll be fine. I have a good feeling.

      And wow, that's certainly a lot of waiting. Well, it's probably due to it being summer reading for a lot of schools, so give it a few weeks and the wait should be cut down.

      And excellent, you'll like it, I'm sure.
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    Who actually cares.
    Not getting sleep.
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