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  • Yep. And alright! That goes for me as well. I might not be the best editor, but I do what I can when I must.

    Heh, I see. XD Well, at least you're able to narrow it down. And yeah, it's a bit full.

    Ah yes, those entries. I've read them before as well. If I'm guessing right, this should be an interesting story.

    Excellent! :D I figured that you did, but I'm just making sure.

    Heh, shall we count how many times you've said "thank you" today? XD Seriously, you're welcome.
    Why thank you. I'm just happy to know that I'm helping.

    Well, just tell me if you want to send something his way and I'll let him know. As long as you ask nicely, I'm positive he'll look over your stuff. He's awesome like that.

    And, well, at the time. Now, I have ... one, two, three, four, five, six story ideas going around my head. Two of them are sequels to Overthrown, one is a sequel to Transcending the Abyss, one is a spin-off story for Overthrown, and one is an original concept I'm thinking up. So yeah, I guess once you get started, your mind gets ahead of itself in the ideas department. And that sounds like an awesome concept. I look forward to seeing it one day if you post it.

    Yep, I've got my writing agenda booked full as well. XD

    Alright, that's perfectly fine. It'll be that much better when you do start it. And, I look forward to seeing your story when it gets posted.
    Don't think like that. You'll be fine if you follow advice. (Also, read the Rules at the top of the Fan Fiction forum if you haven't already. Not in case you break them, but so that you can knowledgeably argue your point in case something happens like a bad reviewer or someone wrongfully reports your story. It doesn't happen much on here, but it's best to be ready in case it does.)

    Heh, again, you're very much welcome.
    If you like indepth, structured, meaningful ponderings in blogs, I can recommend this blog to you. It's by my friend, ~Jess_Moon~.
    Of course. I understand completely. Heck, my story is the result of two years of plot planning. I spent a lot of time reworking the prologue (six months, actually), just so that it came out right (and even then, it wasn't good. But it got me started). So, I get wanting to bring it out as best you can.
    That's good you have a beta reader. That's one of the greatest assets a writer can have. Trust me on that. My writing improved dramatically after I found someone willing to point out my mistakes and tell how to fix them.
    Well, I might be able to get my beta reader to look through your story. He's Shadow Lucario 50 on here and one of the nicest people I know. So, if you want someone else to go through your work before posting it, I could get him to do so if you wish.

    I get that as well (remember, it took six months before I could post my prologue on here). But, you know what you're doing, which is better than where I was. I saw your post in My Pokemon Adventure and you seem to have a grasp on what's needed in a work.

    Do what feels right. Personally, I would go and make it your first because you've put a lot of thought into it, but that's just me. I only had one story idea at the time, so that made it clear what would be my first story. I've got two stories going at once, and it is challenging at times, I will admit. But, it's doable if you manage your time right.

    Hey, don't worry. I've done that plenty of times myself. :D

    That's a good idea. Though, you don't necessarily have to do it that way. I mean, if you look at Chapter One of my story to Chapter Fourteen, there's a huge leap in writing quality. So, if you have a good idea, I'd say roll with it now. Because, even if you're not the greatest writer now, you can always grow alongside your story and that story will mean so much more to you. (At least, that's what I did. You could do that with your first work and save the idea for the second, it will work either way.)
    Yep! As long as you do that, you'll be fine.

    You're welcome! It's my pleasure to help out fellow authors, especially when they are starting out. (Because, you know, I was there once as well. :D )
    As for replying to VMs, just hit the "View Conversation" button in the upper right corner of the message. :D

    Yep, I believe PMD authors should stick together. Also, even if it's your first story, don't count yourself out. If you try your best with it and accept the advice people give you, you'll have an awesome story. That worked for me, at least.
    Hi guys! :3 Not sure how this thing works, frankly, but I'm going to hope I don't mess it up. XD

    Hi! It's nice to meet another PMD author, and thanks for answering, I'll be checking it now. Also, if I do have questions, I'll be sure to remember to ask you. :3

    I find we do too, actually. :3 I clicked on your profile and checked it out. We can be friends, sure, and I'll check out your fanfic as well. :3
    Hello! I'm a PMD author as well and answered your question in the Authors' Cafe. Good luck with posting your story, and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
    Hi! :D I have seen you around the forums a bit as you are new here, and I have to say that we seem to have similar qualities! I love writing, Zubat, and am 14 as well! Sweet! :D I was wondering if you wanted to be friends? ;3 All you need to know about me is in my bio... oh and plus, just if you want to, you can check out my new fan-fic called Destiny Bonds if you would like. The first chapter just got up last night! I would really appreciate it... but don't feel as if you have to! ;) At least it is turning out a lot better than the last fic I wrote... *shudder*
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