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  • Yeah... You might as well respond saying that all white people are the same. You know, because Germany and Russia are both European, there's no doubt that they have the same culture! *cough*sarcasm*cough*
    Anyway, what I think about the whole Saddam this is that the US should not have taken him out. Don't get me wrong, he was a bad guy, but when he was taken out, it created a power vacuum that the US ignored. Now, if the US had helped to install a government that could actually do something, I'd say sure, take him out, but the US should've been in Afghanistan fighting their enemies rather than adding another one to the roster and going in wasting the lives of good soldiers where they shouldn't even be. My point is that the US should've been taking care of its own problems before it went to Iraq in 2003, and when they took out Saddam, they failed to set up a good government, sending the nation into what is effectively anarchy.

    Eh, who knows.

    I'm just surprised you let him live...
    Heh, perhaps! XD

    I don't know when, but hopefully soon. Their sympathizer shave already struck outside the Middle East, so hopefully it's not too long. Speaking of Saddam, though, I feel like my opinion on that matter would sound really insensitive, though I can back it up. Still, I won't discuss it unless you want to, and my opinion comes from somebody who was never affected by his actions, though I do what I can to be informed.

    Is it weird that I can relate to basically every word in that paragraph?

    Yeesh... I was afraid of that...
    Heh. I'd read it!

    And yeah, things get better and then get worse, and the cycle continues.

    And yeesh, you lost family to ISIS? You have my sympathy, Tales. I swear though, once the US takes action against them, they won't stand a chance. Just keep that thought in mind. They'll get what's coming to them.

    But yeah. It's a constant feeling that I have thanks to my social ineptitude. It's weird, because I'll try to be extroverted. The issue with that is that I'm much more introverted, so I feel it comes off as forced and obnoxious.

    And sheesh. Did that actually happen? (The ** thing)
    Sheesh. You'll have to tell me these stories one day.

    Life's a weird thing, I'll say that. It's been a bit tough since school started in 2013, as around November that year I started to show signs of depression. In October 2013, my dog died. Then early February my grandfather passed. Late February my cat dies. In early March, my grandmother passed (just thirty days after my grandfather did). Wasn't until about February or March that I realized I had depression. It wasn't until about October that I finally got a prescription to an antidepressant, which has helped a lot. Other than that? Just some paranoia where I feel my friends don't like me (something I actually feel a lot more often than I should, not sure if it's justified or not in all cases, but the fear's there) and some other slip-ups. There were good things too, but none that are worth mentioning. XP
    Hey, Tale! Nice to see you again!

    Seems like both you and I are quite busy. Still, nice to see that you're working on writing with friends and reworking stories. That's always good. I've got a few collabs myself that I'm still working.

    But yeah, been busy recently as this is my last year of high school and will be heading to college next year if all goes well.
    Oh me oh my! I was afraid something horribly gruesome and complex such as [insert exotic and overly elaborate death here] happened to you!
    I'll bet they weren't fun to watch. Can't say anyone likes 'em. And car rides are not the best, especially if they're extended.

    Heh, alright then. I won't separate you two. XD

    You don't? Well, hopefully your cousins are willing to let you borrow... And, which game will you get first once you have the money?

    Heh, I honestly never touched it beyond having my own mii. XD
    Oh good. XD

    Ouch. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. Hopefully everything is better with you now...

    Yep! It does count for something! Don't you worry.

    That's great! Still, it can play DS games so there's something to do!
    D8 YOU CHEEEEEEEEE--okay, I understand. The second season, while still good, kinda made me doze off a bit after the Massacre arc. Well, actually, I had to take a break after what happened from Massacre arc, and so it took me a bit to get back into it. I find that Festival Accompanying falters a bit after the first half, but considering the anime cuts out quite a bit of stuff... yeah, the manga and sound novels are so much better.

    Technically, yes. Rei does have the Dice-Killing arc that explains a bit about Hanyuu's backstory that they couldn't fit into Festival Accompanying for some reason, and shows a bit about what it's like if Keiichi never moved to Hinamizawa, but it's nothing worth sneezing at except for neat animation, though. The first and last episodes of that are pretty much fanservice-related. Kira is infamous for it except for the last episode (sorta) which was cute. But you won't miss out on anything if you choose not to watch them.

    So, what'd you think of the series as a whole? Were you scared 8D? What's your favorite arc? Favorite character? Favorite murder?
    Heh, I didn't mean anything against your memory. Just a bit of friendly jibbing. xD

    That's good. And, what's with that second part? Needles and tape?

    I enjoyed it! I had a great time with them!

    Kinda. It's been a while, but I do remember. And alright.
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