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  • Hey! I was beginning to think you forgot about us here! xD

    And likewise. I've been swamped with school work and low motivation to write, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to write over my break as well.

    That's great! I hope you have fun!

    Not much. Down visiting family now, so I might be a bit unreachable for this weekend.
    Heh, perhaps I need a visual explanation on how things are. XD

    Wow! That's two more than I currently know. xD But, seriously, that's awesome. Learning other languages is something I wish I had been taught while growing up.
    Heh, I can try to imagine how that's like.

    Well, not really speak. I know a few words and some phrases, but even in my third year in the high school course, I don't know much about it. I just don't retain it well. And, I'd like to know a bit of Latin, but that's not happening any time soon.
    Heh, I think all families are like that in some form. XD

    Yep. You should be able to talk with her pretty easily with that. And I've never seen it...

    It definitely is. And believe me, Florida is one of those places where you'd hear it spoken

    We're all some sort of weird family here. I'm sure she won't mind. Just mention anime as well in your VM and you'll be fine.

    I'm certainly not good with foreign languages either, so I understand you there. Though, I've only had to speak in Spanish for my class, and not for a crowd.

    Anyways, like we've constantly said, practice is the key to getting it. And yeah, laughing at mistakes is always pretty good.
    I'm honestly not sure. That's a question probably best answered by her. I'm sure she'll enjoy talking to you.

    Exactly. Can't forget where I started from. Thank you.

    Ouch. Did it not go that well? And, what was the speech about?
    I know right? She's pretty excellent with her skills. And, not sure. Perhaps because she's only recently started drawing again, I don't know.

    There's a lot I want to be drawn, but finding people willing to do requests is difficult at times.

    Exactly. This is my starting point. Wherever I go in life starts here, on the Serebii Fan Fiction Forums.
    She certainly does! Some really cool stuff, really.

    Well, if there's a request, I'll ask for one of them to be drawn. :D

    Nothing wrong with that. I'm sure lots of authors go through there at first.
    In speaking of him, if you're around this Friday, you'll get to see him be drawn live by KP. :D

    Well, that depends on how good I think it is and what resources are available to me at the time. If both of those are good, then I'll get it around the globe if necessary.

    Heh, that's pretty much my thought process when writing.
    Yep. Nothing like more insanity.

    And, I did, but it's still a rough concept if anything.

    I'll let you read on and see. :D
    Well, I won't be writing an independent book, but I just plan on writing a lot for Overthrown... But, there might be a book in the future. Maybe.

    There's plenty more characters that will need to be remembered as well. XD
    You've told me your troubles regarding this character, so I'm happy you've found a good way to handle them.
    And yes, I'll try to be participating.

    Indeed. :D

    And, good. Gear needs to be remembered.
    That's awesome! Nothing better than finding ways to write characters and such. I'll be doing that as well, but I think that I'll be active as usual.
    And trust me, dark is fun. :D

    Congrats on finding the pastels. And, I hope you're liking it! Gear's death was the first real death I wrote, so I'm happy it stuck with you.
    Well, that's what I'm here for. I'm happy I was able to help.

    Well, sometimes canon needs to be butchered. There's plenty of examples where it's worked out well.
    Indeed. And, I'm glad you've got an idea now.

    Well, it is a fan fiction, after all. You can take some liberties with the character, make her have motivations and be a better villain.
    Well, my original villain didn't really have a solid reason for doing the things that he did. But, I switched his role with one of his subordinates, and it gives everything perfect reason.

    That's quite true. And, same on my end. But, like we've often said to each other, practice makes all the difference.

    Ahh, I see. Well, as long as you keep the plot somewhat loose, you'll leave room for anything that you think of along the way.

    Well, actually, mine was the same way until very recently, where I switched the villain roles and it works out great. Give it some time. And, I can wait.
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