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  • Yeah, but luckily it was only my Black Winged Dragon that got ruined, and my other cards like Five-Headed Dragon and Black Rose Dragon were unharmed. It's still sad though that my only Ghost Rare card got ruined.
    I dunno, sadly. I just can't decide out of all the good movies I've seen recently, lol.

    Somehow the tin I had it in wound up on the floor, and my grandma's dog ended up peeing on it. Unfortunately, the pee seeped through and ruined a couple of the cards.
    It used to be my favorite movie. Now I'm completely undecided as to what my favorite movie is, lol.

    Ah, I actually have all the Signer Dragons (unless you count Power Tool Dragon as one). It's a shame my grandma's dog somehow managed to ruin my Ghost Rare Black Winged Dragon though.
    I remember once when I used to have all the lines from the movie Cats & Dogs memorized. I watched that movie way too much, lol.

    Yeah, but I don't see many cards these days that can miss the timing. Black Rose Dragon is maybe one of the few I can think of that can miss the timing.
    Well, I have a pretty good memory, although I'm better at remembering numbers, lol.

    Yeah, it's especially bad when you have an effect that has multiple parts, because you need to know whether those parts occur separately or at the same time.
    If I ever got the chance to summon my legal Ra, I would probably recite the anime chant for summoning it.

    It can be complicated at times, like when dealing with some effects that can "miss the timing."
    Ah, I've been paying for some time now, ever since my cousin introduced me to it several years ago. Sadly, back then, I was gullible enough to believe you could randomly mill half you deck to the graveyard for no reason, or that you could revive Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon after it was milled to the grave.
    And I'm just trying to get all the Pokémon on Rumble U. Raticate is trying its hardest to elude me, lol.
    Well, I had thought about living with them. But I know it gets kinda chaotic over then when they have to babysit for my adoptive siblings (which is like every day, lol).
    Well, we're trying. But he does have apartment rent and utilities to pay. So, it could be a while before we have everything we need.
    I've got quite a few people around here anticipating my LPs (when I can get the stuff to do them, lol), especially my SSBB Subspace Emissary co-op LP.
    Yeah, but they always say that work comes before play. We're hoping he can get a capture card here one of these days, so we can start doing co-op LPs on youtube.
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