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  • Forgive the random posting, but I must ask, have I encountered a fellow math nerd on these forums? Only a math nerd, such as myself, would understand the joke about +C, so it got me curious.
    hi...thanx alot for replying to the question that i posted.
    i understood what u said there about if i'll play white/black often then i should buy DSi.
    however i want to add that i am from india(delhi), i am not even sure whether anyone trades pokemon online in my country.
    i checked the tech help and they have given a list of wifi routers, but my internet provider doesnt have those router...on my internet provider's router its written 'beetel 220BX' and also written is ' ADSL2 + MODEM'.
    so is it possible that in my country its impossible to link up for online trading?
    m sorry for asking so many things but i have none to clear my doubts :(
    Thank you too! :] It was a pleasure doing business with you. My shop has also been highly updated, so feel free to look over it again and message me if you want anything else. :]
    not really :\ i already have one, is there anything else you can offer? im sure we can work something out :] im flexable
    not at the moment sorry i do not have ready access to a wifi hotspot i am going to try and log into one at a mcdonalds bt i couldnt get it to work last time, if i manage to get it to work today ill vm you if i cant are you happy to trade tomorrow?
    Word, What were you interested in for it? I'm not sure on the shiny turtwig, I turned out using it for my in game team, and same for the shiny charmander, pretty sure I have another shiny charmander. All those deoxys and stuff are still up for grabs though.
    Yeah, I was wondering if I'd ever get a message about that. I'm totally interested, but I might not be available trade for a while, I'm moving back to college after break and I'm not sure how the wifi works.
    Wow, seems we missed eachother by about 5 minutes all day yesterday. I can trade today after 2 till about 7 est, pm me when you are online.
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