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  • Happy Holidays to (Insert your name here) hope that you have a fantastic one and great luck though out the New Year.

    Know that I’m always here for you all when and need be.

    PS: In the movie Hook Tinkerbell took Peter to Neverland when he was just a baby. So how did he age to be a boy if you are not supposed to age there?

    I've been making hell for a lot of people elsewhere it seems. So until the heat dies down, figure I refamiliarize myself with old friends and given updates.

    I think the anime industry for the West is like a 12-year old cancer patient. Its potential is poorly exhausted and it may die out before it gets better. Even without Japan, the West's view of the animation industry isn't doing so hot either unless we have a slew of "Funny Fartin' CG Animals" voiced by vulgar comedians or Crappy Flash Animation with character designs you want to shoot, strangle and skin like a buck (6teen and Stoked, I'm looking at you).

    Part of me wonders if I was insane to enter a University in which I would build a career in a dying industry such as Animation. Then I remember that I used to love drawing bewbs.
    OH ****, 22, now? I remember those days when you were just 19, man...

    Why weren't you here? Granted, I wasn't here for mine, but I was banned at the time...
    Sogeking, b&? This is madness!

    Seriously, care to update? Damn, that dude has probably surpassed my ban ratio a while ago, at this rate.
    Happy Holidays TSC
    Sorry if I sent a message to you or anything last night. I had a few too many and was planning on sending messages to all the people on here that I love. I don’t know if I ended up doing it in the end.

    I’ve known you fro a long time now; so that’s why I’m about to ask my next question.

    Look at my sig. How would you like a spot in it?

    Lol @ "to change to change it." Is that another trait given from the hearing impairment lol?

    Deviating from that issue, well that certainly is a bit of a unique trait. I'm not impaired as far as anything goes except that my eye and leg can twitch a bit, but I'm not that talkative a person so I wouldn't respond to nobody, which left the impression that I have hearing problems, a possibility I laughed my ass off at. That I did, lol. Kinda ironic that you have an accent in your own native language while I don't with my second lol, but that's just the way it goes I guess. I once recorded myself singing "I'm not wearing underwear today," which I officially dub as the biggest ****-up I ever made, next to asking if I could draw someone's tits in junior high. >_>

    That and nearly ****ing some blonde in the corridor. Bet she just wanted to have me after my sexy voice seduced her. That might actually be wishful thinking, but the fact that she had the name "Hannah" kinda ****** me off about the 'tarded tramp, that and I forgot her last name within the span of minutes. It was like a year before they started airing that shitty piece of **** on D-channel or some crap, but that still ****** the hell out of me regardless.
    So how long are you going to keep the BF usertitle? Korn hardly gets on these days and Franky hasn't been active in literally over half a year. Might wanna rectify that. =/

    My dad got a webcam the other day and I have a mike-earphone with which I can record my supaasexy voice, do you? I've never seen a Jersey accent before and I'm curious =D
    Yeah, even though the drive crashed down the group that originally scanlated his stuff didn't and the name was easy to memorize so I found where I got it originally but their rapidshare links are down, blame r.shlt. And if you could find this the Berserk artbookscans aren't necessary but they'd be appreciated as the only place that had them has taken the entire series down with it which had the warcry artbook as well. I've seen pictures floating around and even have one of them photobucket'd but can't seem to come across another site that has it, so again your efforts would be greatly appreciated on both of them, and sorry to bother you.
    Hey, SC. I was wondering if you, being the pretty knowledgeable manga fan you are, had a file of a short guro one-shot called "Stay Free." It's by this guy who lots of lolis like Tokyo Akazukin so I'd obviously never come close to it on most sites and my drive broke down a few months ago with no hope of being restored which deprived me of my manga stuff, and adding insult to injury all these goddamn manga sites are shutting down and being lawsuited to remove certain manga series so if you could host this and some rare files like the Berserk artbooks perhaps and send it to me that'd be great, thanks. If you don't have it, it's by this guy named Tamaoki Benkyo, and he did lots of porn stuff, so I thought you might have a file or two of him..
    Lol, Scary. Haven't talked since you gave me that pm, how;s that Kenshin love goin'? I have all 22 Kanzenban (which I know you do too since you told me you did, tu bad you can't read Japanese tho Jersey ^_^) and Kenshin Kaden raw, if you don't have the guidebook Watsuki released or his other crap mangas like BR (no not Battle Royale, he c ouldn't pull off that much gore and fanservice >_>) and GBW bought for lulz then I win ya bast@rd =/
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