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  • oh my :eek: I love surprise females :p anyway mine is male sadly :/ but it has its hidden ability with 4 egg moves ^_^
    this time I am in my bedroom so the wifi is much better :3 and you welcome thank you and also I noticed you have level ball eevee that is the last thing on my eevee ball collection since that is my favorite mon of all time XD is there anything from my shop you want from it? I updated it so it should be more ball choices to to choose from ^_^
    yeah I am on I try to stray away from invisible mode lol it makes it harder for people to tell when I am XD but going in the plaza now ^_^
    not sure if you be on later right now but I am available to trade still the rest of the day just look for my green light and message me ^_^
    i will not be able to trade until after 5 pm again tommorow I pretty sure I am off wensday so we can trade then ^_^
    alright just wanted to make sure XD I will be hard to trade with for the next few days so heads up ;) sunday I will be able to trade after 5:15 pm eastern timezone us
    btw you asked for another fast ball turtonator do you still want mine? which I was the one that traded the 4 egg move fast ball to that person too lol small world :p
    me neither tbh which I noticed it been acting more funny with the patch lol but I will get some lunch and then I will try to see if we can trade later...
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