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  • Dragonite and Volcarona are both great for rain teams. Volcarona is more fragile on them though to do it's water weakness.
    Actually, it's not a huge weakness, because of Ludicolo's great typing. Volcarona can also work well on rain teams, as absolutely no one expects it, it gets 100% accuracy hurricane, and bug buzz to deal with pokemon such as celebii that otherwise give rain harder times.
    Well, rain teams are pretty common these days, thanks to Politoad. Most teams will have some kinda check for common rain pokemon.
    Yeah, and it could do well in sandstorm, due to residual damage. I do love Ludicolo though, with Substitute/Protect/Leech Seed/Scald and rain dish, it's as annoying as ****. That plus toxic damage would really add up.
    That's what I was thinking, maybe a defensive rain team based around that. Jellicent, Ludicolo, and Tentacruel could all work well, with Tentacruel's toxic spikes, Ludicolo's great subseeding in the rain, and Jellicent with hex. Of course, that would mean 4/6ths of my team is water type, not exactly great balance...
    Well, in simulators, since people will give people the highest possible IV's (Except in speed, to better use Gyro Ball), it always has a BP of 70. I agree though, w/out perfect IV's, it's pretty useless. BTW, what do you think of Venoshock?
    Hidden Power is virtually one of the most important moves in the metagame, especially for special sweepers, because it can be any type. It's near impossible to find a good OU team without Hidden Power.
    Yeah, it's mainly the breeding that bugs me. And finding out that I forgot to check the Hidden Power type before training, and wasting several days of my time. Also, if you ever want one of 37 Darumaka's with fairly bad IV's, none of which are shiny, let me know!
    lol. I have tried EV training before, but it's just too long and tedious, especially the breeding. I have 3 EV trained pokes, and that's it. I use PO, it's simpler that way for me.
    I can do OU, LC(Which I've been awful at recently, I'm normally pretty good), and CC. Not right now though, it's pretty late where I live.
    dude, im really sorry but my ****ing Wifi its just not working, and it drives me crazy, im really gonna break everything, im so sorry really, hope you can forgive me, we will try another day :/
    thanks :D i already have leftovers, but i have to go to go buy the other stuff with alot of BP, oh and im gonna enter right now, see you there!
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