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Dec 1, 2016
Jul 19, 2011
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Superiority Complex

ThatsJustPeachy was last seen:
Dec 1, 2016
    1. Rhonder
      Hello~ I'm your opponent for the Anime based tournament, so i was just wondering when we can arrange to battle? I live in the -8 timezone (west coast USA) and don't get back from school until around 3-ish. Anytime thereafter works for me.
    2. Ninja Dewott
      Ninja Dewott
      Ok, thanks a lot :) I'm just worried about losing some of the Volt-Turn momentum.
    3. Ninja Dewott
      Ninja Dewott
      I don't suppose you have any comments on my team? :) Or were you too busy trying to overcome my epic Ninja Skillzzzz
    4. emilyshortcake
      das righttt, togetha foeva. :)
    5. emilyshortcake
      you complete meeee
    6. Lunar.
      why is noone there??
    7. Lunar.
      hi where is everyone at?
    8. Calamity™
      ;{ I don't really like it there lol. I just go to the Dracaena facebook page sometimes!
    9. Gamefreak
      I am from Smogon. :)

      I also beat you in gen 4 before, although I never beat you in gen 5.. xD
    10. MGOShockWave
      You Pizzeach :o Why you so bawsss D: I be jelly of you bruh D:
    11. Jew Bagel
      Jew Bagel
      Hi, you are my opponent in the War, please actually log on to Serebii, as it isn't my responsibilty to find you on a Chat. I have done my job by contacting you and making myself known, please respond soon thanks :)
    12. Master of All
      Master of All
      couldnt say this on the clan page cus it would look sus cus you joined ages ago XD
      Welcome to the clan, i hope you have a wonderful stay
      Also, I don't think i said gg for that last game we had :/, anywho i guess now is good enough (if you dont know I call myself Peter on other places), and that you would have destroyed me if not for that last misplay(using EQ instead of ice fang cus you thought my zap was gonna roost)
      so all in all, gg for our last match and welcome to the clan/serebii in general
      (AND JEGUS your sweeping like half the clan, ever thought of trying out for a war spot? [would have smashed the last war with you on our side])
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