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  • Yes I did :) I have 2 Modest, 1 Timid and 1 Quiet. I'm interested in other shinies, especially Ekans, Onix, Nidorina, caterpie or skarmory
    Frist of all .. im not mad at all. No internet beef here im grown. and my light ball pikachu will take on anyone please trust. But yeah
    I honestly don't know if my celebi is legit, since I got it from a friend (And he had multiple Celebis)
    Hey. Just skimming the trade forms when I saw your little speech:

    I don't cheat, (since red... missingno ^^) don't RNG, and don't want or accept any pokemon obtained this way, I breed to perfection, and can't wait for HG! also, plz, all you people who have the logo that says that you treat your pokemon like freinds, or living things instead of automatons... please get over it, that's all they are, and all they ever will be!

    (take it from me, I tried to pretend that...) I felt sooo ridiculous.

    There is no greater truth than that. I feel EXACTLY the same way! Way to go!
    sure, i mean if i can lol, i havent made my elite four debut yet but am i still able to have the beldum? if so then ya lol when ever ur ready
    well thing is I just saw stuff :p lol
    I'd like the lugia but I can't offer much other than egg move set pokemon and thats all I can do for now. >.>
    Good to know about Cross Chop, I do have a Riolu with that move though.
    I have every berry, well the Rowap got planted today :) so I can send you an Apicot.
    well he is very good at rng breeding and I'm not defending him, but people ask him all the time about how to do it, so he probably is tired of hearing it.

    regardless, with any game people take advantage of the rng or glitches or anything else...:)
    at any rate, rng abuse is basically the only way to competitivly battle now that everyone obsesses over perfect ivs now...like I said before I would do it aswell but alas, I haven't found a random shiny yet
    I sent you Chikorita-Leech Seed (AncientPower, Energy Ball, Aromatherapy)
    but should have sent you Totodile-Dragon Dance (Rain Dance, Crunch, Hydro Pump)
    I can send you the Totodile now if your ready?
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