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The Black Glove
Last Activity:
Oct 2, 2014
Dec 29, 2007
Likes Received:
Over here

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The Black Glove

The Resident BAMF, from Over here

The Black Glove was last seen:
Oct 2, 2014
    1. Peter Quill
      Peter Quill
      duuuuuuude I miss you. On the off-chance you see this you should hit me up. No idea how to contact you anymore :(
    2. Drdj11
      YOU! You seem pretty chill.
      How exactly do I get in the Fizzy Bubbles?
    3. Tasslehoff
      Would you ever be interested in reviving your Crystal Chronicles rpg and if not, I remember I loved the idea of it, if you do not have any intentions of reviving it, would you mind the borrowment of the ideas, such as Pokecite and the such?
    4. Primavera
      Hopefully it's not something horrible. And yeah, my character sleeps until morning.
    5. Primavera
      9 is an unlucky number in Japanese Kanji... F usually means love/affection.. Don't think 6 is anything special. So she's going to be unlucky with love? Well that's interesting. :P
    6. Primavera
      What exactly was the letter my character got? I'm not catching on lol. Or am I just supposed to act ignorant about it like my character will? :P
    7. Primavera
      I was teasing about the gloves. :P
    8. Primavera
      Frustration is hard on your health. Chillax and become a white glove for a bit. :P
    9. Primavera
      Well yay the GM already hates me. D; Or at least I hope not...
    10. Primavera
      I was thinking it came from "Magicite". :P Well that's creative.
    11. rotrum
      I'm still convincing myself that I shouldn't make a character cause I'm too busy. I do have a layout though.

      A RobinHood-esque Magi Poke'cite thief who steals from inventors and stuff and gives it to villages, who uses Twin Daggars with Shadow Force on them to assassinate.

      BUt Yeah. Have fun~.
    12. Primavera
      Is your Pokmeon: Crystal Chronicles RPG based off of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series? xP
    13. rotrum
      Well good luck with that~
    14. rotrum
      I remember this basic format. Where'd the new idea come from for this RPG?

      *Is trying very hard not to join due to writing several stories and being in several RPGs*
    15. Zincspider
      That groundhog... he's fratanizing with Jack Frost.
    16. Zincspider
      'Sup, broheim?
    17. Hotshot
      Hey, looks like you haven't been active in a while, but you happen to come back soon, Zinc and I are trying to revive SotS 2. Just in case you're interested.
    18. Zalck
      Where you been? I've been missing you here! I'm still pumped for the Pokemorph RP! Hopefully everything is okay, and you'll be back soon!
    19. The Doctor
      The Doctor
      Hokay, so as I understand it, having actually read things through, a pokémorph would have to be injected with a pokémon's DNA at birth, and in this case, it wouldn't be an Umbreon. Think I can work that in, but I've given the Marquis an Egg Move - Detect - which can only be obtained if his parent was a Zangoose. I'd quite like to keep this in, since it fits the character well, so what I'm basically asking is...how to keep it? Thanks.
    20. Devastator2000
      Maybe Michael jackson himself....Except he's dead.
      I especially like the part where The creepy voice starts playing....
      Darkness falls across the land...
      The Midnight hour is close at hand...
      Creatures crawl in search of blood...
      To terrorize your neighboorhood....
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