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  • Yeah Dude! You were totally the main dude...dude!
    (no how much funnier would the Matrix have been if Reeves did his lines like he did in BaT:EA?)
    Alright, I'll be Bill... who wasn't in the Matrix... CURSE YOU BLACK GLOVE!
    But Bill has the cooler name, man!
    Totally Non-Haenous!
    ... I HAVE AN IDEA!

    They have rocker/guitarist avatars! If we each use one, we can be Bill and Ted, Man!
    Hey, I think I might be an RP killer.
    Every R{ that I have played in that has died has ended with me posting... then no one else ever did again.
    Yeah, I figured as much after I wrote it.
    And those were some serious skills, telling me off in my own post man.
    You raise a solid point BG.
    I was so enticed by how awesome he was, I forgot that he pretty much worked his entire story in with this game. Yew was horrible... but you could stand her less than Dahlia? Who has Terry kill hiself without him knowing? Who put him on death row wrongly? Who killed several people? Who tried killing Phoenix and then framed him? I think she was just as much, of not moreso untolerable.
    Of course, Yew was constantly annoying just to look at. What was up with her lips? It's like they were stung by a hive of bees. Plus she was constantly being a jerk. So I guess I get your point.

    Did you just win an argument that I had with myself?
    The easier cases?
    Yeah, I guess taking Edgeworth's opinions on anyone other than himself is pretty unreliable. But you have to admit how sad it was for Gumshoe to spend his money on that snack cake, share it with Kay, and then drop his half. Poor guy. almost felt worse for him then Kay... and her dad was just murdered.

    Now if there was anybody who REALLY needs their own game, it's Detective Badd.
    Hey I noticed in the rpg you put the location and time. Do you want all of us to do that? Or is it your own organizing type of thing.
    Yeah, it does get really intense. (Remember to save often... some of it gets obscure later on.)
    I love Gumshoe. The only convention I ever attended, I went as him. I did a damn good job too. But having to play as Gumshoe would end in disaster. He would end up losing his thunder to Phoenix or Edgeworth everytime XD
    I'm glad I caught Nick (that one was more obvious)
    But you almost made me miss Godot!
    I'm quite a fan myself... having played the whole series (a couple times... having rebought the original three for the Wii), it's always fun to find someone else using them in their work.
    I knew you a fan but your sig has really sealed that in my mind recently. That being said, did you enjoy Investigations?
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